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Vital Care Patients ENTER TO WIN Find the misspelled word in this newsletter and call (623) 544-0300 for your chance to win a $10 gift card! CALL (623) 544-0300 Contest is for past and present Vital Care PT patients only. First, I have the utmost admiration for my employees. Running a business can be a complex and difficult task, but having a phenomenal team that I can trust significantly reduces the stress. In fact, my employees are some of the most loyal and dependable people I have had the pleasure of meeting. The process Given the number of holidays that take place this time of year, many people find themselves stressed, exhausted, and frustrated while trying to prepare for family celebrations. For example, in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, families will rid their house of every speck of dust, brave chaotic grocery stores to go shopping, and spend hours prepping the turkey before dinner. This frenzied practice causes many people, myself included, to lose sight of what is actually important this time of year: gratitude. That is why I want to spend some time this month focusing on the people I am most thankful for.

of finding an ideal candidate for a position, taking them through the hiring process, and then helping them get fully trained takes up a lot of time. But it’s necessary for the success of both the business and the employee. Fortunately for me, all the members of my team have been here for three years or more. That has really aided us in building strong relationships with one another and keeping the clinic running smoothly.

their rehabilitation, take responsibility for their own health, and demonstrate their gratitude so thoughtfully. In fact, our clinic seems to always have plates full of homemade cookies or delicious fruit-filled pies brought in by patients!

Lastly and most importantly, I am thankful for family, health, and the opportunities we have to make memories

“I want to spend some time this month focusing on the people I am most thankful for.”

One great example of my staff’s amazing work ethic occurred just recently. Many patients know Tim, one of our providers who has been with Vital Care Physical Therapy for five years now. I’ve always considered Tim a true asset to our clinic, but recently, he reminded me just how great of a teammate he really is. I arrived to work and noticed that Tim’s first patient had cancelled her appointment. Even though it was early in the morning and Tim didn’t have another patient scheduled for a couple more hours, he decided to clean the building’s air vents without any prompting. Now this type of hardworking behavior isn’t surprising to come from Tim — he hasn’t called in sick in the five years he has been here — but his dedication to not just helping patients, but also maintaining the clinic is symbolic of the commitment my entire team brings to work every day. In addition to my wonderful team, I am also grateful for the patients we get to work with. Often, we get to see a patient 2–3 times a week, which means that we are able to build meaningful friendships with them. Our patients trust us with

together. Over Labor Day weekend, we were able to go to Forest Lakes to stay at our family cabin. My parents, sisters, nieces and nephews, my husband, and our kids got to spend the weekend hiking the surrounding trails and selling my dad’s homemade salsa. Every year, Dad grows up to 400 pounds of tomatoes in his garden! He then uses them to make salsa from his special recipe. This year, the kids sold over 60 jars to the neighbors in the community, and they loved every second of it. While there are many other aspects of my life for which I am thankful, my trustworthy and hardworking staff, my caring patients, and my amazing family will always top the list. This November, my team here at Vital Care Physical Therapy wishes you a happy Thanksgiving and encorages you to take time to consider all you are grateful for this year.

–Andrea McWhorter | 1

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