HB400 Brochure

H orizontal B ench -T op O ptical C omparator HB400 The HB400 Optical Comparator provides exceptional performance with a 16" (400mm) diameter viewing screen, LED lighting, and 110lbs (50kg) workstage load capacity. Available with optical and/or video edge detection which removes operator subjectivity in locating edges of parts being measured. A bayonet style lens mounting system accepts a choice of six fixed interchangeable lenses as well as the OV2 Zoom or TOV2 fixed telecentric magnification video camera systems. Motorized stage, fully automatic CNC controls and swing-away lamp house are all optional features. This comparator provides performance previously only available with floor standing models.

 Increased Stage Travel

 optional cnc control

 video camera compatible

F eatures and S pecifications • 16" x 6" X-Y travel workstage (400mm x 150mm) • All metal construction with hard-anodized stage tooling plate • Single bayonet-style lens mounting system • Collimating condenser with yellow/green filter and provision to mount further accessories • Linear encoder (glass scale) with 20μin (0.5μm) resolution on both X and Y axes • LED profile and surface illumination • Fixed duplex fiber optic surface illumination • Digital protractor for accurate angle measurement (1' resolution) via Q-axis readout • Available with MetLogix ™ M1 tablet, M2 all-in-one touchscreen PC, M3 PC with touchscreen monitor, or Mx-Series digital readout. • Fine adjustment on all axes • Quick release mechanism on the X-axis

O ptions • Six interchangeable fixed magnification lenses including 10x, 20x, 25x, 31.25x, 50x and 100x • Optional 5x fixed or interchangeable lens system now available by special order • Automatic optical edge detection • Automatic video edge detection (available only with OV2 or TOV2 video cameras and M3 software) • OV2 Video Camera with 6.5:1 zoom lens • TOV2 Telecentric Video Camera with choice of 0.3x or 0.5x fixed magnification lens • Motorized X and Y axes • Fully automatic CNC controls • Swing-away lamp house • Canopy and curtains

• Purpose built cabinet stand • Extensive line of accessories








– – – –

Optical edge detection (Option)

 

     

     

     

Geometric Functions

– –

Graphic Based Constructions


Data export reporting

Part programming and playback

Operating system Part view display Feature annotation CNC drive option

Android ™

MS Windows ®

Windows ®

MLX Android ™

MLX Android ™

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HB400 D imensions

 

    

41” (1035 mm)

29” (730 mm) 29” (730 mm)

8” (200mm) 8” (200mm)

– – –

41” (1035 mm)

Video edge detection (option) CAD file import and export option

Software developer

MetLogix ™

MetLogix ™

MetLogix ™

MetLogix ™

MetLogix ™

16” (400 mm)

6” (150 mm)

*4”-11” (106mm-280mm)



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320lbs 145kg 385lbs 175kg

Horizontal Travel Vertical Travel

16” (400mm) 6” (150mm)

Net Weight

Focus Travel

2” (50mm)

Shipping Weight

Top Plate*

21" x 5" (530mm x 120mm)

49" x 32" x 51" (125cm x 81cm x 130cm)


Vertically correct

Shipping Dimensions

*Distance refers to range of the maximum size a component can be projected to the center of the screen before colliding with the lens. (100X-10X)

*With machined single slot for easy fixturing


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