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Most people have heard of composting one way or another. Your mommight have kept a bin in the backyard for overripe Halloween pumpkins, yard clippings, and egg shells. You might even have a coworker who boasts about the giant compost pile they use to fertilize their garden and lawn. Whatever your level of composting knowledge may be, there is always more to learn about this popular and extremely beneficial method for handling organic food waste. Luckily, May 29 is National Learn About Composting Day!This day provides a great opportunity to introduce yourself to and begin the conversation about composting if you haven’t already. Below are a few answers to your basic composting questions to get you started. What Is Compost? Compost is decomposed organic matter, which is especially good for people who have gardens or aspire to live a sustainable lifestyle. People put coffee grounds; vegetable scraps; paper products, including receipts, paper towels, and tissues; wood chips, leaves, and other types of waste that are not categorized as processed food, meats, or fish products in their compost bin. Compost can stabilize gardening soil, keep the soil from contracting diseases, and help the ground retainmoisture. Why DoWe Compost? Besides giving gardens and lawns significant nutrients, composting also reduces landfills. According to the United States EPA, “Food scraps and yard waste together currently make up about 30 percent of what we throw away.” Organic material often takes longer to decompose in a landfill due to being wrapped in plastic. The more organic material that is composted, the quicker it can deteriorate. Learn About Composting Day The best way to recognize this holiday is to learn as much as you can about composting. When you dive in, you’ll discover you can compost materials you never knew you could, including latex balloons and cardboard egg cartons. Once you do your research, you can start your very own compost by dedicating a part of your backyard to disposing of organic matter or by purchasing a compost bin. This article covers the basics of composting, but there’s still plenty more to learn! Head to your local farmers market or botanical garden and talk to the experts about any questions you have— they’ll be sure to give you some great tips. BLACK GOLD FOR YOUR GARDEN SOIL NATIONAL LEARN ABOUT COMPOSTING DAY!


In the few months that she has been here, Kelsey Prince says The Livewell Clinic’s patients and the lifestyles they are learning about have already left an impact on her life. “My favorite part is learning about functional medicine and seeing all the patients go through the journey, […] learning a better way to help themselves and their families,” Kelsey says. “[The patients are] warm and welcoming. I love when they come in, and they are just happy and love to do this.” This winter, Kelsey joined our Livewell team at our front desk operations. Her duties include checking patients in for their appointments, answering phones, and helping the clinic run its day-to-day operations. Kelsey says she is appreciative of all her coworkers at the clinic; each has been engaging and helpful during her short tenure. Having worked in chiropractic clinics in the past, Kelsey has a basic understanding of functional medicine and is excited to continue learning about the process at The Livewell Clinic. “I wanted to learn more about health and helping people,” Kelsey says. “[I remember] a patient who did the cleanse, and it was, ‘Oh, my gosh, this was my missing piece.’ You can tell when a patient goes through it and they are happy, and you can tell by day one to day 14 how much their journey has started to change.” Originally from the Chicago suburbs, Kelsey moved to Iowa just over a year ago. She and her boyfriend, Kyle McGinn, are enjoying their new home and life with their pit bull, Zetty. In her free time, Kelsey enjoys spending time with her friends, riding her bike, and taking Zetty for a walk. (She loves all other dogs, too!) As she continues her journey here at The Livewell Clinic, Kelsey hopes she can become more engaged with the patients and health coaching. “It’s so cool to see [the patients] with their goals and watch them change,” Kelsey says.

We’re thrilled with the enthusiasmKelsey has had since she joined our team! Thank you for all your hard work.

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