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FOR WHERE IT REALLY MATTERS Irrigation is very important at many locations. Whether you use it for aesthetic reasons or your sales depend on green grass, it is necessary that it is reliable and it works. Most systems today are not reliable and on many occasions fail. This is mainly due to a lack of knowledge by the installer or provider. Water conservation is also a problem when dealing with irrigation. Many irrigation systems use precious drinking water. Water that is in short supply. WHY A SYNCROFLO IRRIGATION SYSTEM? Here at SyncroFlo we have innovative solutions that will fit every need. We have systems specifically designed for golf courses and similar high-volume, large-area applications as well as systems designed for commercial & residential turf irrigation purposes. These systems can be customized and adjusted to meet each and every need. Also, SyncroFlo has pioneered new technologies that take water conservation to a new level. Our engineers have created an irrigation system that collects rain, pond and lake water and reuses it for irrigation. The EnviroHeart line of rainwater treatment and pumping packages is designed for plumbing applications in commercial buildings. With current situations of drought and with problems occurring with fresh water, environmental responsibility is key.

QUALITY CONTROL AND TESTING! SyncroFlo’s quality control program is on the leading edge of technology for our industry. Each system is tracked at all stages of manufacturing, assembly and testing with web based reporting via hand held devices. All welding is performed by AWS or ASME certified welders. Once manufacturing and assembly are complete, the system is connected to our NIST certified test stand. We then hydrostatically test and flow test from zero to 100% of design and under specified suction and net delivery pressures. Once on site, your only surprise is how easy the system is to startup and commission.


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