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Opposed to all this is the theory of organic evolution. According to this school of philosophy, man began as an infinitely small microscopic mass of protoplasmic substance, too low and humble and small even to be visible to the unaided powers of the human eye. From this lowly estate, by an infinite number of gradual changes, man has climbed, unaided by any ex­ ternal forced until he is today the highest living thing in the realm of biology. Here, then, are two opposing the­ ories. One says that man was created perfect and fell. The other .says that man happened, to start, and if he ever fell, he fell up in his age-long climb. Of course, we understand why cer­ tain educators and men who are filled with the pride of the flesh would re­ ject the Genesis account of creation. It must be clear to the reader who thinks this through that if the story of creation is true, the story of a fall into sin is equally so. If we accept the fact of the fall into sin, we must also accept the certainty of our own guilt and iniquity. If this is accepted, in turn there remains no possibility of escape, save that which is offered in the Scriptures. The single means of redemption from the effect of the fall is to humble ourselves before the cross of

Calvary and cleanse ourselves in the blood that was shed thereon. This is the one thing that the proud and stubborn hearts of self-satisfied men will not do. So in order to escape the necessity of the confession of sin and the humble suit for pardon in Jesus’ name, they deny the founda­ tional fact and seek to change the predication. But when the tumult and the shouting have died, and the cap­ tains of science and the kings of edu­ cation have departed to their long and final resting place, the world will come again to a truly scientific inves­ tigation of the evidences of the origin of man. The Word of God will emerge triumphant in that hour, because it has courageously opposed the false theories of a mistaken philosophy. We would advance a fourth and final reason for saying that the Bible is in harmony with modern science. That reason may be stated in this brief phrase: The Bible is in harmony with modern science, in that it has anticipated many of the discoveries of these recent centuries. We remember some time ago that a very excited and dogmatic corre­ spondent wrote to tell us of a ridicu- lqus scientific error that Isaiah had made in his prophecy. This corre­ spondent stated that Isaiah had made the assertion that the earth was flat, whereas modern science has proved that it is round. We wrote to the cor­

respondent and asked for a citation, for we were not familiar with any reference in Isaiah that stated that the earth was flat. This man wrote at some length and said the assertion was made in Isaiah 11:12. Of course, we were familiar with this verse, as it is one of the stock quotations of every infidel and critical rejecter of the Scripture. Quoting the verse from Isaiah, “And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth,” our correspond­ ent triumphantly stated that if Isaiah said the earth had four cor­ ners, he must have believed it was flat. He then followed with this ques­ tion : “Would you trust yourself on board a ship whose captain believed that the earth had four corners?” This query caused the writer con­ siderable amusement, as we had just returned from an ocean voyage of several thousand miles, sailing on one of the great liners that plied the Pa­ cific. The captain of that vessel was not only a friend of the writer, but one of the most genial companions it is possible to have while sailing the deep. In the course of a heavy blow that tossed the ship about and played with it as a terrier would worry a rat, we made some reference to the storm. This reference evoked considerable amusement on the part of the captain, who laughed and said, “ This is not a storm; this is just a good stiff breeze!” When we expressed some skepti­ cism concerning his knowledge of storms, the captain waxed warm and said, “ I have been in the four corners of the earth, and I have seen a storm in every one of them; this is only a strong blow.” We dropped the argu­ ment, as we had only sought to stir up the captain to some such state­ ment, hoping to get some reminis­ cence from him, which was always a delightful experience. But when this correspondent indignantly protested Isaiah’s language, we could not help remembering the captain who thought he had been to the four corners of the earth, and was thus as ignorant as Isaiah! Also, some time ago we received a brochure from the United States gov­ ernment, advertising the work o f the U. S. Marine Corps. One sentence in that leaflet sticks in our mind, “ The United States Marines are serving the flag today at the four corners of the earth.” Now what do you think of that? The United States govern­ ment thinks the earth is flat! (Continued on Page 18) T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

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