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who was so constantly at work for the Lord. He always put Christ first. In my study on the last night of his life we discussed John 15, and he was troubled at the fruitlessness of the personal lives of so many believ­ ers. I know the Lord spoke to me through his lips.” Another said from his heart: “ His soul ripened earlier than most of ours, so that the Lord saw him really ready to be gathered to Himself.” Others wrote: “ Christ was the center of his thinking” ; “He had an inquiring, discriminating mind, a strong faith', and unshakable convictions” ; “ He touched many lives and contributed much to the church in its ministry at home and abroad” ; “ He lives on in the many souls he won. for Christ” ; “ He had traits of character that are very rare. He must have received a warm welcome at the gates of the New Jerusalem” ; “ He was humble, yet outstanding, and very thoughtful” ; “ He Was a real man of God, and was evidently want­ ed in the Father’s House” ; “ The Lord reached many through his consecrated life” ; “ His life was a testimony” ; “ I shall never forget how kind he was” ; “We are poorer, but Heaven is richer.” And sweeter than any other words were the testimonies of those whom he had led to Christ. It was deeply impressed upon my heart that it is better to be a great Chris­ tian than to be a great man. So do not hesitate to tell the mourn­ ing one how excellent was the char­ acter of the departed, how godly his influence, how good his deeds. Such praise, however lavish, if sincere, will bring healing to the anguished heart. Compassion for the Living What further shall we say to the bereaved Christian? After we have strengthened his faith with the Word of God, and soothed the heart with kind words concerning the departed loved one, let us freely express our compassion for the living. There is something curative in such sympathy. When one member of the body of Christ suffers, all the members suffer. With tear-filled eyes I read such loving words as these: “ You are on my mind all the time. Keep on in the Lord’s work even though the tears are running down your face and your heart” ; “ Your name is at the head of my prayer list” ; “ He will take away the anguish and give you peace” ; “ It will not be easy, but your husband would wish you to carry on as be­ fore” ; “ The hurt may not go away, (Continued on Page 17) MARCH, 195 1

W E S T E R N B A P T IS T I B IBLE C O L L E G E 528 33rd St. OAKLAND 9, CALIF. H. O. Van Gilder, D.D., President Three-year intensive Bible Course in Mis­ sions, Pastoral, Chr. Ed., Music. Approved for veterans. Write for Catalog.

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1 Write today for bookings. BROADWAY PLAN CHURCH FINANCE J. S. BRACEWELL Director 1408 Sterling Building Houston, Texas W ill You Help Needy Hebrew Christians? Surely their plight and need are more than a responsibility, more than a challenge, but a test of the divine compassion which should be characteristic of every believing heart. These Hebrew Christians need help to emigrate to lands of dignity and opportunity. To others, loving gifts of food and clothing can make more real the joy and hope of Easter. For a few dollars per month a Jewish Christian orphan can be maintained. Surely the responsibility is ours. In the name of our Risen Lord this ministry of mercy is presented to you. May the Lord of all mercy move upon the hearts of His people to meet this need and to express His mercy in the spiritual and material aid we can render. If God leads you to have fellowship with us in this holy cause, send your gift to The Interdenominational Jewish Missionary Society, Inc. North Side Branch P. O. Box 34, Atlanta, Ga. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: W. F. Talley, Esq., President; H. M. Hope, Esq., Vice-President- J. J. Timlin, Esq., Treasurer; Rev. Albert J. Lindsey, D.D., Rev. Oscar R. Lowry, D.D., Rev. John McComb, D. D., Paul L. Berman, Recording Secretary, Rev. Norman Gore, Secretary. In Canada Mail Gifts to Rev. NORMAN GORE, M.Th., Ph.D., 3125 Maplewood Ave., Montreal, Quebec ADVISORY COMMITTEE: Rev. Lewis Sperry Chafer, Litt.D., Rev. Robert L. Evans, D.D., Rev. Everett Harrison, D.D., Ph.D., Rev. Norman B. Harrison, D.D., Rudolph C. Logefeil, M.D., Rev. J. Vernon McGee, D.D., Rev. William McLeister, II, Daniel Rose, Esq., Rev. Stanley Soltau, D.D. A NEWTESTAMENTINMODERN 156 fin « flvtnuE.nEUj vorkkuiv » withers poon bldg P hiladelphia 7 . pa

By GERRIT VERKUYL Ph. D., D. D. From the original Greek with brief footnotes. 0 Written in easily readable modern English

0 Wonderful devotional reading 0 Ideal for private Bible study 0 Reveals genuine scholarship

0 Accurate rendering of the Greek text 0 Refreshingly new and yet conservative HIGHLY and ENTHUSIASTICALLY Recommended: "The best modern English translation of the New Testament that has come into my hands . . . a remarkable book.*' Dr. William Hendriksen Calvih Seminary Pocket size (3% " x 5Mi” ) ; 672 pp. Beautifully jacketed—$2.50 Gift edition, deluxe leather binding, boxed—$5.00 Available at all Religious Bookstores. Zondervan Publishing House 847 Ottawa Ave., Grand Rapids, Michigan NOW /N /TS 5 *fc LAEGE EDITION

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