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the earth,” he would have had no more intent to define the shape of the earth than did this writer of the United States government staff. The fact of the matter, however, is that Isaiah never said, “ the four corners of the earth.” That is an English phrase, and Isaiah neither spoke nor wrote the English language. Isaiah wrote in Hebrew, and when we read his text in the Hebrew, he lit­ erally said that “ God would gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four quarters of the earth.” It is an accepted fact that any round ob­ ject can be cut into quarters. (We know that to be so as we had two sisters and a brother. We have seen many an apple cut into four quarters, and oranges likewise!) While every infidel knows this English mistranslation of the words of Isaiah, we have never found one of them honest enough to refer to the only text in the book of Isaiah where the prophet did speak about the shape of the earth. This is in Isaiah 40:22, where the prophet writes concerning the greatness and the magnitude of God, “ It is he that sitteth above the circle of the earth.” Again, we must note that the word, circle, is a translation of a Hebrew word that literally means roundness. The most literal translation from the Hebrew into a vernacular text that we have ever found on this point Is that of the modern Swedish transla­ tion. In place of the word circle, the Swedish version uses the word rund, which is a literal rendition of the idea of Isaiah. There were doubtless those of Isaiah’s generation who believed the earth to be flat. There have been some in every generation, including the present, who have held this erroneous idea. The point that we desire to stress, however, is that when Isaiah wrote, he was not limited by the ex­ tent of his own learning. When the Spirit of God guided his pen, he wrote by inspiration, setting down for our learning things that men had not yet discerned in his day. A great many centuries went by, nay, even thousands of years, before men es­ tablished the fact that the earth was round. But when by their search and study, their adventure and investi­ gation, men learned this fact, lo, the Bible had anticipated their discovery ages before! By this unique and re­ markable method of anticipating the scientific discoveries of coming cen­ turies, the Spirit of God kept the Word of His truth in harmony with modern science. (Continued in April Issue) T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

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RESURRECTION JO Y I am so glad that Jesus rose, No more to suffer loss; No more to wear a thorny crown Upon a lifted cross. I am so glad that Jesus rose, Though in the grave He lay; For earth is bright with that blest light Of resurrection day.

The phrase, “ the four corners of the earth” is a poetic expression meaning exactly the same as the ex­ pression, “ the four points of the com­ pass.” It must be remembered that Isaiah was also a poet, and if he de­ sired to speak in poetic language, he had a poet’s license so to do. If Isaiah had said, “ the four corners of

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