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Shelton (¡Tollegc Formerly The National Bible Institute offers a liberal arts education free from denominational bias and all entangling alliances with modernism. More and more churches and mission boards are demanding college trained candidates. SHELTON provides high college standards on a sound Bible- believing basis with strong theological and pre-theological departments. Write for catalog. ^helton College 340 W. 55th Street New York 19, N .Y. Veterans who have not already begun their training, must do so before next June (1951) or lose the G. I. benefits. LINDA VISTA BAPTIST BIBLE CO LLEG E AND SEMINARY Liberal Arts Theology Christian Education APPROVED FOR VETERANS SAN DIEGO II CALIFORNIA

Dr. Walter L. Wilson

Helps for Christian Endeavor and Other Young People's Groups

A p ril 1, 1951 GOD'S SPIRIT AT WORK A cts 2:1-8, 22, 23, 32-41, 46, 47

lation to the soul and their lives were deeply affected by God’s Word. Much of the Old Testament would still be an enigma to us were it not for the revelations in the New Testament of the meaning of those difficult pas­ sages. Many portions of the Old Tes­ tament reveal the Lord Jesus but we would not know it except as the Holy Spirit unveils His loveliness in the New Testament passages. The H oly Spirit Guides in Service John 16:13 Every true believer surely has a deep desire to serve the Lord who bought him with His precious blood. There is only the question of when, where, and how to serve our Lord in the best manner. The Holy Spirit is the Lord of the harvest. He knows where the troubled soul is and who is seeking and He brings the willing worker in contact with the seeking sinner. Since He knows the condition of the sinner’s heart and the medita­ tions of his mind, He is able to direct the servant of God in what he says and in the ministry which he renders. Where the Spirit has His way in the life, He brings about the meeting of the sinner who -needs help and the Christian who can give help. The H oly Spirit D irects P rayer Jude 20 Naturally our prayers are more or less selfish. We think we know what is best for us but the Lord knows what is most profitable for us. We look for present gain while the Lord is thinking of eternal glory. We seek comfort and ease whereas the Lord is occupied with growth and training.

All of the work of God must be done by the Spirit of God. He only can actuate and empower the believer to do successfully and wisely that which has eternal value. We must be careful not to confuse religious enthusiasm with Spirit-filled power. Much and perhaps most so-called church work is done outside the realm of the Holy Spirit and His ministry. When He is present, He directs hearts to Christ. He unfolds the Scriptures. He makes the life godly and useful. His work is permanent in the soul. The H oly Spirit C onvicts o f Sin John 16:8 Man could not define sin except as the Scripture reveals God’s thoughts about it. That which is apparently the worst sin in the sight of men may not be the worst in the sight of God. The Lord mentions pride at the top of the list of the things He hates. Men cultivate pride and delight in the thing that God hates. Only the Holy Spirit can reveal to each person the terrible tragedy of sin in the life which includes sins of the mind and sins of the flesh. Both kinds are un­ der God’s condemnation. The Spirit reveals them to the conscience if we allow Him to do it. The H oly Spirit Explains the Scripture John 14:26 Before Pentecost the disciples were very dull in their comprehension and understanding of Christ’s words. The Old Testament did not appeal much to their hearts. After'Pentecost when the Holy Spirit revealed Himself to their hearts as the living Lord, then the Word of God became a new reve­ st ARCH , 195 1

In these times of doubt and uncer­ tainty, we must mark well the things that have become common­ place. A single atomic bomb could change the fam iliar New Y ork skyline to a heap of smoldering rubble. Now more than ever before the people of New York City are in need of spiritual light and guidance. The New York Bible Society, since 1809, has distributed more than 32,710,491 Scriptures about the harbor and within the City of New York, the greatest city in the world. You too, can have an active part in this great work. A New York Bible Society Annuity Agreement is a positive Christian investment! Not only are you assured a regular in­ come for life, but you will also know your funds are helping His work. These annuities require no supervision, .are partly tax free, and are a truly Christian investment. Plan to “ Invest Y ou r Funds for God.” write today fo r ou r fr e e descriptive b o o k let REV. D. J. FANT, GENERAL SECRETARY NEW YORK BIBLE SOCIETY MAIL COUPON TODAY NEW YORK BIBLE SOCIETY, Dept. 20 5 EAST 48TH STREET, NEW YORK 17, N. Y. Pleasesendmeyourfreebookletdescribing the N. Y. BIBLE SOCIETY ANNUITY PLAN NAME. STREET.

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