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BIBLE TBACTS for Sinners and Saints Special Salvation Assortments

When the mind is yielded to the Holy Spirit, He directs us to think God’s thoughts and to desire God’s goals. He will keep our prayers from being self-centered and will cause our peti­ tions to be for the glory of God. He will make us desire eternal values rather than transient blessings. A pril 8, 1951 GOD WORKS THROUGH PETER A cts 4 :1 -1 3 ; 5:16-20 Peter who once denied his Lord is now chosen to be a vessel greatly used of God. He who once was a leaden pipe filled with selfishness, pride, and impetuous zeal has now become a golden pipe through which there flows the living water from the reservoir of Heaven to the deserts in human hearts. He had met the Saviour by the seaside and had fallen in love with Him in a greater measure than be­ fore. He had received a commission from the precious lips of the loving One whom he deserted in the time of need. Peter was a converted man. The Spirit Led P eter to Be Bold A cts 4:13 The same man who was afraid of the little girl in the house of the high priest became bold, brave and zealous in addressing the enemies of Christ and multitudes of the curious. He had met the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. He was no longer afraid of man or au­ thority or threat or power. Peter knew God in a new way. The Holy Spirit made him fearless as he faced the rulers both of the nation and of the temple. His messages were clear and personal. He did not mince his words or evade the opportunity to tell men to their faces their guilt in their treatment of Christ. He was not after their money. He was after their souls. The Holy Spirit makes us courageous. The Spirit Led P eter to Preach W ell A cts 3:12 Although Peter was not well taught in the schools of earth, he certainly was well versed in the doctrines of Heaven. His messages were direct, clear, and intelligent. He spoke as one who had been trained and surprised his audiences. The logic of his mes­ sage could not be denied. His sen­ tences were direct and with power. He reasoned with those who knew the Scripture such as the scribes and Pharisees and he related the history of Israel in a way that none could deny. He did not get off the track but kept right to the point that they must believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as

the promised Messiah and the God- given Saviour. His messages were not ambiguous. He wanted those who heard him to know what he meant. The H oly Spirit Led P eter T o Be Plain A cts 2:36 Note that Peter used the second person in addressing his audiences. He directed his message straight to those who were guilty, without eva­ sion, pretense, or hypocrisy. He called a spade a spade and spared no words in cutting to the heart those who had crucified the Son of God. Those preachers produce the best results who direct their message into the hearts of the audience and do not beat around the bush in order to be diplomatic. The trumpet must not give an uncertain sound. God’s Word was given plainly and specifically by Peter and he never clouded the issue. The H oly Spirit Led P eter T o See M iracles A cts 12:7 This man who had once been an unbelieving fisherman first saw the blessed Lord fill his nets with fish on two separate occasions. He had toiled all night with his professional skill and caught nothing. Then Jesus came and the fish obeyed the call o f the Lord of the earth. Peter had seen Lazarus raised from the dead and Jairus’ daughter brought back to life. He had seen thousands of people fed in a miraculous manner. None of these wonderful miracles produced faith until the Spirit of God became his Lord and teacher. From that time forth Peter became God’s great serv­ ant and continued to see miracles. A p ril 15, 1951 GOD WORKS THROUGH PAUL A cts 9:1-9, 20, 21, 2 2 ; 13:1-10 Paul as Saul had worked against God and against Christ a;nd against' the gospel. He had been God’s enemy unknowingly. He had been opposed to salvation by grace and had cham­ pioned the things of the law. Then one day he met the Lord Jesus and his life was changed. He asked at once, “ Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?” It became the law of his life to do the will of God. God accepted the offer, gave him the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God became a new book to this man of giant intellect. His life now became a living epistle for Christ Jesus. Paul W as a Saved Man A cts 26:16 Those who talk about God must be those who know God. Those who have

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