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A p ril 8, 1951 SIN AND ITS CONSEQUENCES Gen. 3:1-6, 9-15 Pointers on the Lesson

“ Regularly 10 to 12 percent and several times 40 to 50 percent of all my audiences during two months in Japan responded to the invitation." — Ley mo n W . ( “ D ea k” ) Ketch am “ 75,000 to 100,000 Japanese people attended 61 meetings in the two months in which I spoke and distributed Gospels." v — C harles W . A nderson “ Professors, peddlers, police, prisoners, soldiers, students— all classes responded alike to the Gospel message." •— V icto r B . B eattie “About one million people have attended our PTL meetings since the start of our campaign. We have distributed six million Gos­ pels and Testaments." — Glenn W . W ag n er

The lesson today deals with the en­ trance of sin into the human race. Outside of the creation of the world this was the most far-reaching event in history. There is not a soul that ever lived but what it has affected. It is responsible for all the tragedy that is in the world today. Sin had previously probably been introduced into the world by the fall of Satan and his angels, but our present lesson considers the matter of its entrance into human life. It is the story of the world’s greatest tragedy. Satan’s Insinuation 3:1 In this verse we find Satan incar­ nated in a serpent. Revelation 12:9 definitely verifies the idea that the serpent is the devil. Quite likely the Edenic form of the serpent was very different from his subsequent form following the judgment of God (cf. v. 14). Then he was possessed of an erect bearing and of a beauty the faded remnants of which only remain at the present time. The first work of Satan in dealing with Eve was to get her to doubt God’s Word. More defi­ nitely it was to get her to doubt the goodness of God in setting forth the restriction of which we read in Gene­ sis 2 :16 ,17 . If Satan can get men to doubt he has them well within his grasp. • Satan’s Outright Lie 3:2-1 Satan works cleverly. First he gets men to doubt, then he gets them to deny God’s Word. Even before Satan made God’s Word to be a lie, he had prevailed upon the woman to listen to him, which was a step in the wrong direction. Then under his influence, she misquoted the divine restrictions. She was well on the way now to her fall. At this moment the devil emphati­ cally denied God’s Word in her pres­ ence and she was ready to complete her disobedience. She stood on the brink of tragedy. Y ieldin g to Satan’s A ppeal 3:5-6 See next how Satan appealed to the woman’s pride — “ ye shall be as gods” (v. 5 ), and to her eyes —the food was “ pleasant to the eyes” (v. 6), and to her flesh for he caused her to see that the fruit “was good for food” (v. 6 ) . And so she “ took of the fru it. . . and did eat, and gave also unto her hus- M A R C H , 1951

“ 5,100 Japanese raised their hands in response to my invita­ tion to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Saviour.“ ——H. G eorg e V orsheim , J r . “ I p e r s o n a l l y d i s tr i b u t ed 275,000 Gospels and Testa­ ments to the Japanese people who attended our meetings." — ■PI»// Saint

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Even as their suffering Saviour, so also His Jewish brethren who dare to believe on Jesus are despised and rejected. They walk the lonely path of heart­ break and sorrow, despised by their own and rejected by the world. Only their Lord knows and cares. Do yoi/? Will you help us to be true friends to God's believing Israel? The hungry must be fed; the widows and the children cared for; the destitute helped; and Christ proclaimed and exalted wherever sin and godlessness cast their dark shadows upon hearts and horizons. Shall we enjoy His salvation, our blessings and our daily bread without sharing it with the needy? Forbid it Godl Help us to carry the message of undying love to His own brethren across the face of the earth. A world-wide Christian ministry waits for your prayerful and warm-hearted self-denying support. If/n all their affliction He was afflicted *V The Friends ofIsrael MisionaryandRelief Society, Inc. 728 K Witherspoon Building, Philadelphia 7, Pa. President General Secretary Treasurer Joseph M . Steele Rev. Victor Buksbazen Dr. Joseph T . Britan Treasurer for Canada: Rev. Bruce Millar, B .A., B.D. 1066 Avenue Road, Toronto 12, Ontario, Canada Quarterly publication— ISRAEL M Y G LO R Y— Informative, Scriptural, Challenfinf Sent to all contributors and also on request Page Twenfy-fivoc

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