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band with her; and he did eat.” Dis­ obedience had brought sin into the human race. It is worth-while to note that the same lines of temptation that were presented to our first parents in Eden were also presented to Christ in the wilderness (Matt. 4:1-11) and are presented to all men ever since (1 John 2:15-17). Consequences o f Sin’s Entrance 3:9-15 The results of the sin of Adam and Eve are clearly enumerated in the account. They were (1) a sense of guilt. Shame filled their hearts. They could not bear the thought of the presence of the holy God. Fear over­ whelmed them. Their situation pic­ tures that of all men without Christ. (2) The serpent was then condemned (v. 14). (3) There followed the first promise of redemption (v. 15), the Protevangelium. God did not utterly abandon man because of his sin. He made provision for his restoration. This promise is but the bud which grows throughout the Old Testament and flowers in the New when Christ comes who destroys him that has the power of death, and casts him into the lake of fire; Other consequences are presented later in the chapter but they are outside the confines of our lesson. As the number of people began to increase after the re-creation of the world, men and women began to for­ get God’s power and His goodness to them and to think only of themselves and of their own desires and plans. God was grieved that He had created men. He decided to destroy men and animals, except one godly family of eight people, with a great flood. For many years so-called scientists have said that the story of the flood is not true. Now, men who are digging in the old cities across the .ocean are saying that the story of the flood is true! After sinful man had been de­ stroyed and the waters had gone from the earth, Noah and his family and all of the animals who had been with them in the ark for more than a year, came out of the ark upon the clean, new earth that God had cleansed. After God had blessed Noah and his family, God placed a rainbow in the sky as a promise to men that never again would a flood destroy the en- Helps For the Children A Prom ise God Gave Gen. 6:5-9:17 M em ory V e rse : “ Thou hast set all the borders o f the ea rth : thou hast made summer and w inter” (P sa . 74:17).

HEBREW CHRISTIANS IN DISTRESS Economic conditions in Europe and in Israel have become critical. This we learn from the increasing numbers of Hebrew Christians appealing to us to help them out of their misery and distress. From Berlin, where there are about 5000 surviving Hebrew Chris­ tians, one of our representatives writes: “ Nearly 90% of our group of people are unemployed. The number of those in misery and despair increases daily. We urgently need money for food !” From another city in Germany an anxious but trusting Hebrew Christian mother says, “We live in the most distressing condi­ tions. My child is ill with T.B. The medicine he needs is nourish­ ing food, for which we have no means. Yet we do not despair, for we still believe somehow that God will not forsake us!” Dear Christian reader, please do help us to alleviate the misery

The Rev. Jacob Peltz Ph.B., B.D.

and distress of these starving Hebrew Christians who miraculously escaped death during the Nazi era of persecution. We must not abandon these brethren of our Lord now. Let us not weary in well doing. Please send your gift immediately to help Hebrew Christians in distress in Europe and the Holy Land. $10.00 will pay for a big nutritious CARE food parcel for a needy family in Europe or in Israel. $10.00 a month will support one of our Hebrew Christian orphans in our Children's Home in Germany. An up-to-date News Letter of eur work in Europe and Israel will be gladly sent on request. Address communications to : THE INTERNATIONAL HEBREW CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE Rev. Jacob Peltz, P h .B ., B .D ., Secretary U.S. A. Dept. K Canada 4919 N. Albany Ave. 91 Bellevue Ave. Chicago 25, III. Toronto, Ontario


offers thelatestinSasterSupplies RESURRECTION MORN

AN EASTER STORY FOR THE FLANNELBOARD... Resurrection Morn. A new Flannel- graph interpretation of the Easter storypresentingChrist as the answer to all of life's problems_____ $1.00 RESURRECTION STORY COLOR BOOK The Resurrection story in original sketched outline pictures for crayon

and water coloring. Below each drawing is verse which it pictures. Includes an attractive blue pictorial cover and comes in illustrated envelope________________________________ 15c

Easter Bulletin No. 1 7 5 0 Depicting Christ speaking to Mary at the open tomb. Printed in soft colors, size 8% x 11 inches. Furnished flat for mim­ eographing............... 100, $ 1 .7 5 Easter Bulletin No. 1 7 2 0 Attractive folder lithographed in soft colors depicting cross, open Bible, and lilies. Size 8 % x l l inches. Fur­ nished flat for mimeographing. 100, $1.75 Easter Offering Envelopes. To match bulletins, size 2 ^ x 4 % inches. Specify design desired. ...................... 100, 7 0 c Easter Greeting Cards, BoxAssortment Ten in a box with appropriate senti­ ment and scripture text. Envelopes in­ cluded. ....................................... Box, 6 0o Writefor FREECatalog—AddressDept. 103 III WM. H. D IETZ , INC . 10-South Wabash Avenue, Chicago 3, III-

New Easter Button No. 3 The design covers the complete Easter story. The outline of the S crosses is shown in the dis­ tance, the open tomb to the right and in the foreground the risen Christ and Mary. Beauti­ fully illustrated in soft, delicate Colors. Dozen, 2 5 c p 100, $2.00

EasterSouvenirCrosses.Four designs with appropriate scripture text, lithographed in colors on linen finish card stock. Size 2 % x 414 inches. Dozen,20c; 100, $1.25 Easter Program Books. Con­ tain recitations, exercises, acros­ tics, drills, tableaux, pantomimes and dialogues. 4 different kinds.......... ........................................ Each, 3 5 c Complete Easter Service. “ Easter Light5' Songs, recitations and exercises in this service are grouped around the theme of light overcoming darkness. Appropriate as a special Easter Sun­ day service.............. ....................... . 12c

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