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of giants became the place of fellow­ ship. The latter is the meaning of the word Hebron. The Influence o f Joshua Judg. 2:7-10 During the lifetime of Joshua and his associates Israel maintained at least some semblance of piety. How­ ever, when Joshua and his generation M ottoes, G reetin g Cards, Calendars, Sunday School Supplies. Easy pleasant work—Liberal Commissions. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ a WRITE TODAY FOR FULL DETAILS THE H IGLEY PRESS Dept. K3 Butler, Ind. RARE GIFTS Pastors—Teachers—Children’s Workers A million boys and girls have been inspired to attend Sunday School and Church, ages 8 to 14, through these lovely gifts. 65,000 won to Christ. Watch your S. S. and class grow. You will be pleased. INTRODUCTORY OFFER. 35 gifts $1.00. Price list free. Order today. SURPRISE! 2—35c Gifts with each order. EVARETT MILLS—Children’s Friend 1301 West 58th Place, Los Angeles 44, Calif. LIGHT and GUIDANCE For these days of the Age-End Are YOU reading PROPHECY MONTHLY? Editors: Keith L. Brooks, V. C. Oltrogge Official organ of American Prophetic League, ^Inc., to which the most competent prophetic specialists contribute study material and vital information. You need this monthly handbook of timely helps. $1 bill for 10-month trial. U. S. $1.20 year, foreign, $1.35. Box BB, Eagle Rock Sta., Los Angeles 41 AGENTS WANTED Make good money sell- ing our quick moving merchandise. Complete line o f Bibles, Books,

vine message. Knowledge is basic for faith. Then we must keep that which we learn. We must not be turned aside from it to human devices or philosophies. Finally, we need to do what God’s Word tells us to do. We ought to put the Word into practice. James tells us that we ought to be doers of the word, and not hearers only (1:22). He also tells us that faith without works is dead (2:20). How do you stand in relation to these five words? Moses emphasizes the fact that a God who brought Israel out of the house of bondage (v. 6) deserves to be heard and heeded when He speaks. M em ory V e rse : “ Thou shalt love the L ord th y God w ith all thy heart, and with all th y soul, and w ith all th y m igh t” (D eut. 6 :5 ). Just before Moses, the great leader of God’s people, the Israelites, died, he called all of the people together to remind them of God’s laws for them. They were to learn them and keep them and do them. The greatest of all God’s commandments for them to remember was: “ Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.” They were to memorize God's laws and carry them always in their hearts. They were to carefully teach God’s laws to their children and talk about them often among themselves. When their children asked the mean­ ing of God’s laws they were to tell them of how God brought them up out of the land of Egypt with many miracles and gave them the Land of Canaan as their own. God had warned them they must obey Him and keep His commandments if they wanted His protection and blessing. God’s plans for them were the best plans possible, and no other path would bring true happiness and blessing. In your home and in your school and in your community there are many rules and laws. Sometimes you do not like these rules, and you de­ liberately break them. Always there is punishment of some sort. Perhaps it is sickness or loss of friends or disapproval of your teachers or your parents. Rules are made for our pro­ tection and for our happiness, not because someone decides to be “mean” to us. If we break the rules, we are only harming ourselves and others. Those who truly love the Lord their God with all their being will want to obey His laws and the laws of their home and of their community. Helps For the Children Learning G od’s Laws Deut. 5 :1 -6 ; 6:5-7, 20-25

A p ril 29, 1951 POSSESSING THE LAND OF PROMISE Josh. 14:6-13; Judg. 2:7 -1 0 ; 21:25 Pointers on the Lesson The books of Joshua and Judges portray the experiences of Israel in possessing the Land of Promise and in their living in it during the days prior to the establishment of the kingdom under Saul. These books are replete with spiritual lessons for us today. This week’s lesson focuses attention on three separate passages from these books which provide vivid glimpses of the life of this period of Israel's history. The Claim o f Caleb Josh. 14:6-13 Caleb and Joshua were the only ones among the twelve spies who reported favorably to Moses concern­ ing their visit into the land of Ca­ naan when Israel-was as yet in the wilderness (Numbers 14). Since then their report was verified in that Is­ rael had come into the land and had overcome their enemies and had tasted of the milk and honey of the prom­ ised possession. Within the providence of God, it was His plan to divide the land among the tribes so that there would be plenty for all and an ade­ quate possession of the territory. The section before us deals with Caleb’s request with respect to his portion. Note, first, the basis of his claim, vv. 6-9. This was the promise made at Kadesh-barnea. God had made a promise to His faithful serv­ ant (Num. 24:14). It is always pleas­ ing to God when His children plead His promises. Note that the expres­ sion, wholly followed the Lord, occurs twice in this section. It reminds us that obedience brings blessing. God delights to honor them that honor Him. Then see the logic of Caleb’s claim, vv. 10,11. Caleb considers himself as strong and courageous now as he was forty-five years before when he feared not walled cities, giants nor hostile nations. Surely he is now able to pos­ sess that which the Lord had given him. It is good to grow old in the service of the Lord like this. Caleb was the kind of man who dies with his harness on. Note, finally, the con­ tent of his claim, vv. 12,13. “ Give me this mountain.” Caleb laid claim to the mountainous region of Hebron where the spies had seen the Anak- ites (Num. 13:22,28). It was about the biggest and hardest thing he could have asked for. But he knew that God was able. And so the place

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