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|had passed off the scene, the people quickly turned to the corrupting ini' fluences of the idolatry which was I practiced round about them. How un­ stable is man and prone to follow the bent of his own corrupt nature! We are no different today. We are the possessors of the same flesh that was theirs and capable of the same way­ wardness. Let us keep constant vigil­ ance over our hearts lest we fail in the same manner as Israel. Th e D egeneration o f the People Judg. 21:25 This verse is the key to the failure of Israel. They had disobeyed God in refusing to drive out the evil nations from the land (See ch. 1). They had become contaminated with the ways of the Canaanites and blinded to the ways of God. “ Every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” God’s will was far from their thoughts. Helps For the Children A N ew H om e fo r Caleb’s Fam ily Josh. 14 M em ory V erse: “ H onor thy fath er and thy m other” (E x . 20:12). After the children of Israel had conquered their enemies in the Land of Canaan, God had their leader di­ vide the land among their various tribes. Caleb, one of the two spies |who had been sent to spy out the land forty years before that time, came to |Joshua and reminded him of Moses’ promise that the land he had spied out would belong to his family for­ ever, because Caleb had wholly fol­ lowed the Lord. Caleb was eighty- five years old, yet he was just as strong as he was the day that he was a spy. He asked to be given for his part of the land the mountain where the giants lived in great fenced cities. In God’s strength he knew that he could drive out the giants and have the land as God had promised him. Joshua granted Caleb’s request be­ cause Caleb “wholly followed the Lord God of Israel.” Surely Caleb’s chil­ dren were grateful for a father who was brave enough to win a home for them and their children. God had promised the land to them, but they had to do their part to enjoy the I promise. Sometimes Christians complain that God is not giving to them the things which they feel that they need, when God is waiting for them to do their share in making His promises come true. All things are possible in His strength if they are according to His will. Pray that God will show you His plan for your life, for your home, etc., then in His strength do all that you can to make His plan a reality in your life or in your home.

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