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"Back To the Bible Revivals" Copyright 1935— 0. W. Stucky Conducted by Evangelists Rev. and Mrs. O. W. Stucky Presenting the Gospel Story in Sermon, Song and Saw.

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April 1, 1951 C reation and R edemption

one, showing how the darkness and light were divided. On the second day, God divided the waters from the waters. We will put this next circle to the right of the last one, indicating the water in the sea divided from the water in the clouds. The dry land appeared on the third day, with trees and grass. The fourth day is very much like the first, except that God filled the day and night with the light of the sun, moon and stars. This cello­ phane-covered circle we will place as a cover over the circle for the first day, causing us to see the sun in the day and the moon and stars in the night. On the fifth day, God put birds in the air and fish in the sea. We will place this circle over the second day. Animals and man were created on the sixth day and we will put this circle over the third day, showing animals and man on the earth. The seventh day was the day of rest and we have here a circle showing the animals and man lying down under the trees. The only safe place to rest is beneath the cross of Christ, so we will place this circle with the red cross over the man as he rests. Objects: A diamond engagement ring, and a curved cardboard on which the colors of the rainbow have been placed. Lesson: What kind of a ring is this ? “ It is a diamond ring.” 1 Diamond rings are often given by a man to a woman, to show that they are engaged to be married. It indi­ cates that they have made each other a promise to marry at some future time. When at a later date you see the woman, who has been wearing the April 8, 1951 A S acred P romise

Objects: Four round pieces of card­ board 6 inches in diameter, one piece 5 inches in diameter and a piece of outing flannel a yard square. (Cut a complete circle % inch wide off the outer edge of the 6-inch pieces of cardboard and cover the openings— now 5-inches in diameter—with clear cellophane. Color the original 5-inch piece black. The second 5-inch piece is black on the left half and white on the right. The third has blue water on the lower half and gray clouds in the top half. The fourth has land, on

which trees and grass are growing. The land projects out of the water. The fifth has animals and a man lying down under the trees. Put outing flannel on the back of each solid piece of cardboard. On the inside of the first cellophane covered circle, left of the center, paste a moon and stars. To the right of the center, paste a sun. On the second paste the pictures of birds in the top half and the pictures of fish in the lower half. The third should have the pictures of ani­ mals and a man. The fourth has a red cross. Put the yard of flannel on a square piece of cardboard and fas­ ten securely with thumbtacks.) Lesson: This black circle which I am putting on the upper left-hand corner of the board reminds us of the world as described in Genesis 1:2, “ And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” God had created it perfect, but something had happened to spoil that perfection. The first chapter of Genesis tells us how God reconditioned the earth, making it a wonderful place in which to live. The first day, God divided the light from the darkness. We will put this black and white circle below the black

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