Board Converting News, March 7, 2022

Supplier Reports, Part 5 (CONT’D FROM PAGE 30)

our customers over the past two years to automate more, increase production, and provide greater efficiency.

and unload head effectors feature 36 suction cups that are distributed equally over three vacuum bars on the un- derside of each head effector. These suction cups enable substrate to be loaded and unloaded reliably. “A smart camera system used on the Load effector sup- ports fully automated printing of substrate down to 1.5 mm in thickness. Cameras require the substrate to be either white or brown for detection. Optional Load effector up- grades to optimize sheet separation for problematic sub- strates are available, as well. Safety light curtains provide protection at the pallet entry of the load area when using the load robot and the pallet exit of the unload area. “Protective hard guarding prevents intrusion into load and unload areas. Non-standard customization to suit your business needs and market applications is available as a separate solution. The solution will be scoped, costed and proposed accordingly via a consultative project for deliv- ery separate to the standard system configurations.” Call (630) 259-7253. Visit . HITEK Kenosha, Wisconsin: Ryan Ashley reports, “Hitek has been helping customers understand how to better match the needs of their customers for over 30 years. The pandemic made this even more crucial. There were an abundance of jobs and a shortage of workers. Hitek has partnered with

“Many customers would love a flat bed die cutter that they can ef- ficiently operate with two operators. The Marumatsu Diamond is the ma- chine so many have been looking for. The Diamond sets up faster than any other flat bed die cutter in the market, setting up in as little as 2-3

Ryan Ashley

minutes. A machine like this allows customers to keep up with the short to mid-size orders that are exponentially growing the past few years, all while keeping incredibly high levels of productivity. “With all the new orders that have come into the mar- ket there has been a boom in the amount of tooling in ev- ery plant we work with. This explosion in tooling has led many customers to search for answers on how to store their tooling properly and efficiently. BCM and Hitek have created the leading storage solutions for cutting dies and print plates. Hitek has put in over 10 automatic cutting die systems and has several more coming in 2022. Every au- tomated system has also implemented the CleanFlex to reduce labor and clean plates better. The CleanFlex can wash a 100-inch plate in under two minutes. “Lian Tiee Flexo Folder Gluers and Rotary Die Cutters are a perfect solution for customers seeking a hassle-free


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