April 2019 InGear Digital Magazine

T his is a huge moment for us and our company. It truly expresses our culture and commitment to Elite Support! Please take the time to congratulate these winners and be on the lookout for more to come in 2019. n Texarkana - Janet Ross was awarded the WOW Award and the CMT Award. n Jackson, MO. Brenda Henson was awarded the Throughput Award. n Jackson, TN. Tiffany Gooch was awarded the Express Assessment Award.

n Memphis, TN. Billy Szala was recognized for completing Service Performance Development.

Lonestar and TAG employees that participated in the CIC Summit event.

During the three-day event, 326 CIC’s, 17 Dealer Principals and 62 DTNA (Daimler Trucks of North America) support staff participated in breakout sessions that covered a variety of topics. The contest made it possible for CIC’s to return to their dealership location with a clearer understanding of the expectations of our customers as well as new ideas of how to communicate more effectively with their department managers back at their dealerships.

For the last four years, the Elite Support Team has worked with Elite Support Dealer Network to use the CIC Summit as a platform to also raise money for Habitat for Humanity. Lonestar Truck Group and TAG Truck Center donated $7,500.00. Over $115,260 was donated. The money raised was donated to Austin Habitat for Humanity and will provide two houses for needy families in the area.


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