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purity oil of marula face oil TRANSFORM YOUR BEAUTY ROUTINE!

The Secret to GLOWY skin! Marula absorbs into the skin easily, helps beat environmental stressors like pollu- tion, sun damage, and harsh weather. It can be used as a daily moisturizer, as a hydrating oil after exfoliating lips & face, and as a makeup primer to keep the skin hydrated and glowy. This oil will leave your skin looking radiant and hydrated. PURITY Oil of Marula is a cold pressed virgin African Oil, it is deeply hydrating and helps heal, repair & moistur- ize dry skin, sunburn, eczema & redness. High in oleic acid, omega-9 fatty acids & antioxidants including Vita- mins C & E. Balances oil production, retains the moisture in skin, repairs skin cells from environmental stressors & medical treatments and promotes elasticity while healing scars. Absorbs easily leaving the skin nourished, supple, elastic & plumped. Repairs nails, helps cuticles maintain their barrier function, sealing in moisture and preventing bacteria, yeast, and other pathogens from invading. Sizes 5 & 15ml

15ml Retails: $35 5ml Retails: $15

HADAKA comes from the Japanese language, meaning “naked, nude or bare”, which is a representation of the philosophy of the brand. We believe in celebrating simplicity and nature. Our HADAKA line is simple yet efficient, pared down to the essentials in the beauty regimen. The ingredients are chosen for their qualities, their efficiency and especially their truthfulness. The list of ingredients in our products are short, just the essentials that our bodies need. No fillers or harmful ingredients. Starting with all-natural, cruelty free, wild harvested ingredients, HADAKA began in an effort to preserve and be conscious of what we put on and into our skin, and we take pride in delivering high quality, noticeable results. Give your skin the care it deserves.

purity oil of rosehip face oil THE SECRET OF THE DUCHESS AND CELEBRITIES! Known as the Royal Oil, it’s the secret of Duchess of Cambridge and celebrities. This luxurious moisturizing treatment for face and lips, is rich in Vitamin A, essential fatty acids and antioxidants to aid in tissue repair and cell regen- eration. Especially helps skin with acne as it helps to bring natural oils back into balance. Size 15ml Retails: $35

purity oil of prickly pear face oil FOR YOUNGER-LOOKING SKIN! Luxurious and exceptional hydrating and anti-aging properties. PURITY Oil of Prickly Pear will especially help pre- vent the look of mature skin and appearance of fine lines. It stands out for its effectiveness as anti-wrin- kle for the eye contour, it contains powerful regen- erating, healing, nourishing and firming properties. Size: 15 ml Retails: $79

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