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pulire silicone facial cleansing brush facial cleanser A non-abrasive silicone cleansing brush that gives your skin the deepest clean, ever. This mini-but-mighty facial cleansing brush will deep-clean your skin like no other. The teeny-tiny silicone bristles mas- sage and work your cleanser into your skin for better absorp- tion and a more effective cleaning. Lightweight design custom made to fit the palm of your hand for a comfortable and secure grip. The curved surface helps deep clean pores and preps the skin for your daile regimen 7 speed options that adjust to your skin sensitivity level. Safe to use and gentle for around eye area. This ultra gentle brush will leave your skin irritation and red- free. USB rechargeable - Waterproof - Hypoallergenic

mini silicone cleansing brush high frequency brush 8500 times x minute. High Frequency sound waves vibrate to cleanse the skin allowing the pores to breath better and for deeper cleanse. Two kinds of brush heads, no dead ends. Instant Wireless Charging. IPX7 Waterproof. The whole brush can be wet. Water Drop shape design, 12000 sonic vibration, 3MM brush. 8 Speed Modes. Available in: Teal, Light Pink, Purple & Black Retails: $59

Retails: $45

ultrasonic tooth cleaner dental hygiene

Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner can get rid of tooth impurities in one easy step! Eliminate plaque buildup, smog residue or even dental calculus! This tooth Cleaner comes with ultrasonic vibration and five-speed strength adjustment. The Medical grade alloy steel easy to remove calculus, tea stains, smoke stains. The integrated design of the fuselage integrates the con- tents of the traditional host into the handle, which is more convenient, easy to grip. IPX6 waterproof level, use cleaning to be healthier, suit- able for daily use. Charged via USB, you can virtually plug it in anywhere! it’s perfect for carrying it with you, wherever you go! **Packaging and color may differ from image. Only for show- casing purposes.

Retails: $45

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