totally derma collagen drink neutraceutical skin drink - hydrolysed collagen peptides

100% natural activated charcoal powder teeth whitening The Teeth Whitening Powdered Charcoal is one of the best things you can use to brush your teeth with. Charcoal is hard in nature, but gentle enough that it won’t scratch your teeth. In fact, it is one of the safest ways to whiten and deodorize your teeth. Activated Organic Charcoal can be used as a toothpaste supplement in addition to your toothpaste, helping your teeth and gums stay healthy. For best results, gently brush your teeth daily with activated char- coal for 30 days.

The formulation of TOTALLY DERMA Collagen Drink Supplement contains high amounts of collagen amino acid peptides, hyaluronic acid and other synergistic co-factors which are distributed via the blood vessels into the deeper layer of the skin, the dermis, where they stimulate fibroblast cells to produce more collagen and hyaluronic acid. As a result of being ingested, TOTALLY DERMA works from the inside out: collagen contributes to skin firmness and elasticity and hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin and confers volume and density, thus filling in wrinkles. TOTALLY DERMA is also shown to boost collagen and hydration levels throughout the body, with visible improvements in overall skin, hair, nails, joints and gynaecological menopausal dryness. You should see results in 2–3 weeks for improvements in skin hydration and texture, and up to 12 weeks for a visible increase in skin volume and density. However, the results will not be the same for everyone due to factors such as genetics, smoking, sun exposure, pollution, stress, nutrition, lifestyle and daily skin regimen all affecting the skin’s integrity. Tiny Molecular size for 95% absorption - Well tolerated in the gut - 7 Co-Factors to support, enhance and promote Collagen and HA - Drink at Nightime. Size 360gr Retails: $180

Retails: $14

daily lip scrubber + purity oil of marula 5ml Allows gentle exfoliation and circulation for plump, smooth and soft lips. The handle and the finger hole are designed for conve- nient use and easy application. The Daily Lip Scrubber works as the perfect stimulator to increase blood circulation and to remove dry skin. Pair it with PURITY Oil of Marula to really moisturize the lips and avoid chapped skin. Retails: $20

lip scrub brush lip exfoliator brush with activated charcoal bristles

Flaky lips ruining your vibe? A little lip TLC is what you need. The LipScrub BrushTM is the first brush made to give kittens the ultimate level of exfoliation while plumping. Lifts and removes dirt and impurities to clean and detoxify the lips. Activated charcoal is antibacterial, so germs can’t live on the bristles. Featuring a dual-sided precision end it offers fine-tuned attention to delicate areas like the outlining of the lips. Pair this 3-in-1 activated charcoal brush with a lip scrub or balm to get the highest grade of exfoliation while simultaneously plump- ing. Retails: $35

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