vegan & organic bath essentials

your dual texture scrubber regular texture & soft texture

Regular texture where you need more exfolia- tion and soft texture for the more gentle parts of your body. (You just need to choose your side.) Dual texture, perfect for all skin types and your whole body. Great to use if you have sensitive skin or if you want the ultimate exfoliation. Use on sensitive parts of your body as well as on your not so

Daily Concepts believes that things should be changed and evolved and that there is always a better way to innovate everyday items. So it was in the spirit of this that they began to reimagine a world where bath products could be items of luxury with tasteful and innovative design and technology that would also allow the consumer to track the lifespan of their bath and beauty tools hence cleaning up the bathing game. Daily Concepts prorducts are vegan, organic and cruelty free

sensitive ones. Retails $16.50

daily body scrubber hypoallergenic + natural cotton base

your mesh sponge texture: gentle (for sensitive/all skin types)

your back scrubber soy based foam material

your exfoliating gloves firm texture Ideal to use while getting a scrub treatment in your favorite spa or at home. Its texture will exfoliate the dead skin cells of the top layer of your skin, creating a healthy, fresh feeling all over your body. Special blend of materials allow fabric to stretch so gloves adapt to your hands.

The perfect mild exfoliation with a dense lush soy based sponge interior that creates a rich lather when partnered with your favorite cleanser! Exfoliation of the surface is created with the natural organic cotton base with recyclable nylon loops to create the perfect cleansing and exfoli- ating experience! Care: Replace when writing on label fades! Usually approximately after 90days of use Retails $13.50

Adapts to the body and is designed so that the belt is adjusted to the extent of each individual and to the pressure required for a good back massage. Designed more efficiently than a typical back brush. Its handles allow stretching in different angles, get- ting in there and finishing the job. Its texture will exfoliate the dead skin cells of the top layer of your skin, creating a healthy, fresh feeling all over your body. Texture: Regular to Firm (For a complete exfoliation) Retails $21.99

Gentle exfoliation and a luxurious lather make for an exceptionally refreshed and revitalized effect on the skin Your Mesh Sponge is versatile and the perfect shower sidekick working as an effective applica- tor for whatever form of soap you prefer to apply With label indicator lets you know when Your Mesh Sponge needs to be replaced. Retails $13.99

Retails $21.99

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