IELTS Coursebook Band 6


1a Training • Reading: Identify topic sentences (Matching: headings) • Vocabulary: Collocations; Phrasal verbs; Words with more than one meaning; Communication • Speaking: Expand answers (Part 1) • Listening: Locate information (Section 1: Notes completion) • Language development: Present tenses • Writing: Write an overview (Task 1)

1b Testing • Listening: Section 1: Notes completion; Table completion; Form completion • Language development and vocabulary: Past simple; The media • Speaking: Part 1: Talk about the news • Reading: Matching headings; Sentence completion • Writing: Task 1: Describe a chart


1 Work in pairs and discuss the questions. 1 How do you communicate with others? 2 What do you think the saying a picture says a thousand words means? Do you agree with it?

3 How do you think the pictures above were taken? 4 How much do you trust what you see on the internet? 2

Work in pairs. Look at the types of communication below and discuss the questions. document-sharing sites emoticons sending text messages selfies social media profiles video-conferencing 1 When do you prefer to use these types of communication? Why? 2 Choose two types of communication and describe the advantages and disadvantages of each. 3 Do you think they will continue to be popular in the future? Why/Why not?


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