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Rack and Panel range for blind mate connections

Video available to help you on our website : RNJ - Rack and Panel Blind Mate Connectors

Description - RNJ Range

Rack and panel range derived from MIL-DTL-38999 Series I standard and HE308 qualified Realignment and floatability capabilities. Connection between a rack (moving unit) and a panel (fixed structure) without manually coupling/uncoupling.

Main features

EASY TO USE: Push to mate easy and fast connection. AXIAL, ANGULAR AND LONGITUDINAL FLOTABILITY EMI/EMP SHIELDING: Grounding fingers ensuring shielding before contact mating. CONTACTS PROTECTION: Scoop-proof design. HIGH DURABILITY: 500 mated cycles. MATERIAL - Shell: Aluminum or Stainless steel - Plating: Olive drab cadmium, Nickel, Black zinc nickel or Passivated (Stainless steel)

38999 SERIES I & III STANDARD ARRANGEMENTS AND CONTACTS - Available with high-density inserts HD . - Shells from size 11 to 25. - Power version available (23P1 & 25P1) - Optical termini upon request, please consult us. OPTIONS - Jam nut or Square flange: RNJ2***/RNJ4*** or RNJ6***/RNJ8***. - Plug: rear accessory option RNJ26*** & RNJ66*** , compatible with M85049. accessories for 38999 Series I connectors. - Receptacle: stand-off option RNJ27***F459 & RNJ67***F459. STANDARD: HE308, for related arrangements (DAT C5935x0005 HE308 21, 25, 26 & 27T).

Plug concept

Distance between panels

Locating Pin

Jam nut

Square Flange

Grounding spring

Electrical insert

Metal shell

Pin or socket

32 mm

36 mm

Rear membrane for sealing

Membrane for sealing




RNJ26** HE308 26** with rear accessory option

RNJ46** without rear accessory option

RNJ66** with rear accessory option

RNJ86** without rear accessory option

Plug RNJ*6**

RNJ27** HE308 27**

RNJ27***F459 Stand-off


RNJ67***F459 Stand-off

Receptacle RNJ*7**

All dimensions are given for information only and are in mm, except as otherwise specified │ *in mm: 1mm=0.03937 inch

HD High density 38999

Amphenol SOCAPEX

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