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O n the eve of Eid Al Adha, and in what was a major milestone for the island, the two tunnels outside of The Pearl-Qatar, were opened by Ashghal on Wednesday 30th August 2017. The opening of the new roads has lived up to expectations HZ P[ OHZ ZPUJL WYV]PKLK JVTT\[LYZ ^P[O MYLLÅV^PUN [YHMÄJ enabling them to get to their destinations quicker than ever before. +\YPUNP[ZPUH\N\YH[PVUVMÄJPHSZMYVTIV[O<+*HUK(ZONOHS were present to mark the historic occasion. Speaking at the opening ceremony, HE Dr. Saad bin Ahmad Al Muhannadi, President of the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) said the tunnels have opened ahead of schedule, adding that the full positive impact will be felt after the completion of the Lusail Expressway in 2018.

Each 17m wide tunnel has 3 lanes marked with solid lines, reminding motorists that changing of lanes is not permitted inside the tunnel. The entry tunnel is over 300m in length whilst the exit is just over 400m long. In addition to the tunnels, residents who have visited Lagoona 4HSS .YHUK /`H[[ HUK 9P[a *HYS[VU [OPZ TVU[O ^V\SK»]L already noticed the upgrade to this route. The new road layout allows motorists to seamlessly merge into the area within seconds of leaving The Pearl. LZ[)H`HUK beyond via The Pearl-Qatar and Katara. -VY [OL SH[LZ[ \W[VKH[L [YHMÄJ UL^Z MVSSV^'HZONOHSXH[HY VU0UZ[HNYHTHUK;^P[[LY(S[LYUH[P]LS``V\TH`YLHK\WVU [OLSH[LZ[UL^Z]PH^^^HZONOHSNV]XH


04 Mall Announced!

W L»YL WSLHZLK [V HUUV\UJL [OH[ HU HNYLLTLU[ has been reached with Al Mana for the sale of a plot of land located in the La Plage South precinct of the island who will subsequently go on to develop 04 Mall, the latest retail development which is set to rise up over the next year. The agreement was signed by Mr. Ibrahim Jassim Al- 6[OTHU 7YLZPKLU[  *,6 VM <+* HUK4Y(IK\SHaPa 4VOHTTLK /HTHK (S 4HUH *,6 VM 4VOHTTLK (S Hamad Al Mana Group during a signing ceremony held on 3 rd (\N\Z[H[[OL6`Z[LY)\PSKPUNPU;OL7LHYS Qatar. At the signing ceremony, Mr. Al-Othman said he was very pleased to have been able to make the announcement, Z[H[PUN ¸[OL ZPNUPÄJHU[ \UKLY[HRPUN VM PU]LZ[TLU[ I`(S 4HUHPU;OL7LHYS8H[HYYLÅLJ[LKHNYV^PUNJVUÄKLUJL of the local business sector in the development of the island and its investment potential. It also serves as a M\Y[OLY [LZ[HTLU[ VM ;OL 7LHYS8H[HY»Z WVZP[PVU HZ [OL retail shopping destination of choice in the country. The decision to locate the new mall in The Pearl-Qatar PZHWYVK\J[VM<+*»ZJVU[PU\V\ZLMMVY[Z[VKL]LSVW[OL island and equip it with the highest standards of facilities. These amenities are allowing residents, visitors and investors alike to enjoy a uniquely satisfying experience

and comprehensive lifestyle that only The Pearl-Qatar can provide.” Mr. Al Mana added “04Mall will be our fourth community mall project adding to our portfolio of 40,000sqm of already open retail spaces around Doha targeting vibrant community areas. We are already a major real estate player in the Qatari market with a total QR 1.6 billion PU]LZ[TLU[ZPU;OL7LHYSHSVUL;OPZUV[VUS`YLÅLJ[ZV\Y HJ[P]LZ\WWVY[VM8H[HY»Z\YIHUKL]LSVWTLU[I\[LJOVLZ V\Y JVUÄKLUJL PU;OL 7LHYS»Z HWWLHS HZ H YL[HPS HUJOVY [OH[OV\ZLZVULVM+VOH»Z MHZ[LZ[ NYV^PUN JVTT\UP[PLZ HUKH[[YHJ[ZHZPNUPÄJHU[U\TILYVM]PZP[VYZ"IV[OJY\JPHS elements for the success of our business.” La Plage South, which will be the home for the new ZOVWWPUN JLU[LY PZ HU HYLH UV[LK MVY P[Z THNUPÄJLU[ beachfront, with buildings developed in a semi-circular design and outdoor leisure facilities, such as swimming pools, open-air parks and lush white beaches. La Plage South is notable for its high-end, beautifully designed villas with colorful facades that are rich in detail.



W e all want our children to get excellent grades at school and continue to develop and grow into responsible HK\S[ZHUK^O`^V\SKU»[^L&/H]PUN^LU[[OYV\NO[OLLK\JH[PVUHSZ`Z[LT^LRUV^[VV^LSS[OH[KVPUN^LSS at school is pivotal in ensuring our children are well equipped for the future. As your child continues to develop, they will require more and more support from you to ensure they are on the ball HJHKLTPJHSS`>L»]LW\[[VNL[OLYHML^[PWZ^OPJO`V\^PSSÄUKILULÄJPHSPU^LSJVTPUN[OLUL^[LYT ;PW!

One of the most important aspects of preparing for a new academic year is purchasing new school uniform. Here in 8H[HY `V\ ^PSS ÄUK H U\TILY VM YL[HPSLYZ ^OV Z[VJR ZJOVVS uniform, however as the new term gets closer, more and more people will scramble to the stores to get their hands on the same P[LTZ`V\»YLHM[LYZVYLTLTILY[VNL[[OLYLHML^^LLRZLHYS` >LYLHSS`JHU»[Z[YLZZ[OPZLUV\NO:HS^H9VHKOHZZVTLZ[VYLZ that sell school uniforms. For a full list of uniform suppliers here in Qatar, please visit

;PW!,UZ\YL`V\YJOPSKOHZHSS[OLZ\WWSPLZ [OL`ULLK We recommend that you get all supplies in nice and early. Remember to secure your everyday essentials such as pens, pencils, rubbers, sharpeners, rulers, notepads, highlighters, a compass and a calculator. +LWLUKPUN VU `V\Y JOPSK»Z WYLMLYLUJL [OL` TH` WYLMLY H rucksack or a wheelie-pull along bag. We recommend making it theme-based to a character or style they prefer. A matching WLUJPSJHZL^V\SKU»[NVHTPZZLP[OLY

;PW!,UJV\YHNL[OLT[V\ZLHKPHY` The school year can be an incredibly busy period for parents HUK Z[\KLU[Z HSPRL )L[^LLU JSHZZLZ H[[LUKPUN HJ[P]P[PLZ HUK KVPUNOVTL^VYRP[JHUILKPMÄJ\S[[VRLLW[YHJRVML]LY`[OPUN )`LUJV\YHNPUN`V\YJOPSK[V\ZL[OLPYKPHY`TVYLVM[LUP[^PSS give you a better insight on their development at school. It also helps you know when the next home work or assignment is due as well as key events taking place.

;PW!.L[HU\UKLYZ[HUKPUNVM[OLJV\YZLZ`SSHI\Z 2UV^PUN `V\Y JOPSK»Z JSHZZ ZJOLK\SL HOLHK VM [PTL W\[Z you in a better position to ensure their success in the course ^OPJO [OL`»YL [HRPUN ;LHJOLYZ ^PSS [`WPJHSS` OHUK V\[ H syllabus at the start of the academic year. However, this may not be the case at primary level. Either way, ask your JOPSK»Z [LHJOLY MVY H M\SS IYLHRKV^U VU [OL JOHW[LYZ [OL` will be covering this year. Make one copy for yourself and one copy for your child ensuring they keep it with them at all times. Simply put, having the syllabus in advance will allow you to plan ahead and give yourself proper time to HZZPZ[`V\YJOPSK^P[O[OLPYKL]LSVWTLU[PUJSHZZ)LZPKLZ ^OLU`V\»YLPU[OLRUV^`V\»SSILHISL[VHZR[OLX\LZ[PVUZ that really matter at your next parents evening.


9LTLTILY^OPSZ[P[»ZPTWVY[HU[MVY`V\YJOPSK[VKL]LSVW HUK MVJ\Z VU [OLPY SLHYUPUN P[»Z LX\HSS` PTWVY[HU[ [V ensure they getting a good balance of social and play time too. Striking a good balance is something that many of us struggle with. Studies show, if your child is spending too much time watching TV, playing video games or streaming videos on their iPad, then your child puts at risk their ability to develop socially and academically. As a parent you want to be able to decide how much time your child is spending on technology each day. Giving your child a variety of activities will provide the needed alternative to spending a few hours on YouTube. ;`WPJHSS`[OL`»SSOH]LHIV\[ZP_OV\YZH[OVTLHM[LY[OL`»YL

IHJRMYVTZJOVVS*VUZPKLY[OLZLZP_OV\YZPUNYLKPLU[ZULLKLK[VIHRLHNYLH[JHRL(UOV\YVMWSH`[PTLHUOV\Y of creative arts and craft, an hour of revision, an hour and a half of social time with the family and friends, an hour MVYTLHSZHUKÄUHSS`OHSMHUOV\YNL[[PUNYLHK`MVYILK;OH[»ZZP_OV\YZKVUL /V^T\JOVMLHJOPUNYLKPLU[`V\KLJPKLPZLU[PYLS``V\YMHTPS`»ZKLJPZPVUI\[[OLPKLHOLYLPZ[VOH]LHNVVK balance to help your child develop on all fronts.

(UKÄUHSS`;PW!Aaaa Making sure your little one gets enough sleep just may well be one of the best things you could do for their health both now and later on in life. Studies link an early bedtime with improved physical health, as well as mood and mental health, because it allows time for restorative sleep, which is important for the repair and recovery of the brain and the body. Remember to choose an age- appropriate bedtime that allows the individual child to get the hours of sleep the child needs.


• *OPSKYLU[V`LHYZVSKZOV\SKNL[[VOV\YZ • *OPSKYLU[V`LHYZVSKZOV\SKNL[UPUL[VOV\YZ • Teenagers 13 to 18 years old should get eight to 10 hours We wish your child a successful year!

FIFA 17 Community Tournament

0[»ZVMÄJPHSS`-0-(ZLHZVUHZ,(:WVY[ZWYLWHYLZ[OLSH\UJOVM[OLUL_[ZLYPLZVMHYN\HIS`[OLILZ[]PKLVNHTL L]LYTHKLSH[LY[OPZTVU[OP[^V\SKU»[ILYPNO[[V^LSJVTLP[^P[OV\[NP]PUNP[ZWYLKLJLZZVYHWYVWLYZLUK off. Here at The Pearl-Qatar, we always seek to involve our valued residents in exciting competitions and events. )HJRPU4H`^LOVZ[LK;OL7LHYS6WLUH[LUUPZ[V\YUHTLU[^OPJOWYV]LK]LY`WVW\SHY^P[O[LUUPZLU - [O\ZPHZ[Z0[»ZUV^VUKLY[OH[^OLU^LHUUV\UJLK[OH[^L^LYLOVSKPUNH-0-(NHTPUNJVTWL[P[PVU[OL number of registered players went well above our 32 player capacity. On the eve of the new Premier League season, we welcomed the footballing calendar with our very own JVTT\UP[`[V\YUHTLU[(WYPaLTVUL`VM8(9KYL^PUJYV^KZVMLU[O\ZPHZ[PJNHTLYZHUKQ\KNPUNI` some of the pre-match emails we were receiving, it was clear that the participants were immensely excited [VIL[HRPUNWHY[PU[OLL]LU[H]LY`ÄYZ[MVY;OL7LHYS8H[HYVMÄJPHSS`OVZ[LKI`<+* -0-(PZ[OLRPUKVMNHTL^OLYLL]LY`VUL[OPURZ[OL`»YL[OLILZ[H[:V^LNH]LV\YYLZPKLU[ZHJOHUJL[V ÄUHSS`KL[LYTPUL^OVYLHSS`PZ[OLILZ[VU[OLPZSHUK&(WYLZ[PNPV\Z[P[SL^OPJOJHUVUS`IL^VYUI`VUL person. Gamers had the opportunity to come together, socialise and take part in something which they all have com- TVUPU[LYLZ[PU;OL[V\YUHTLU[RPJRLKVMM^P[O2HTSPU4VVKSL`]Z4VOHTLK-HYV\R)V[OWSH`LYZW\[VU an entertaining performance for the onlookers. There was a lot of skill and desire to win the match. In the end it was Kamlin who came out on top over the 90 min spell. The winners of the group stages were entered into the last 16. It was after this stage that the tournament really Z[HY[LKOV[[PUN\W;OLX\HY[LYÄUHSZIYV\NO[[VNL[OLY[OLSHZ[YLTHPUPUNWSH`LYZMYVTHUPUP[PHSZV`V\ ^V\SK»]LHSYLHK`L_WLJ[LK[OLTH[JOLZ[VIL[PNO[LYHUKTVYLJVTWL[P[P]L/V^L]LY[OPZ^HZHU`[OPUNI\[ [OLJHZL0U[OLZLTPÄUHSJSHZOIL[^LLU:HPM:OHYPMHUKOPZVWWVULU[:HPMTHUHNLK[VRUVJRWHZZLKOPZ YP]HSKLTVUZ[YH[PUNOPZWLKPNYLLHUKLHNLYULZZ[VJSPUJO[OL^PUULY»ZWYPaL0U[OLV[OLYZLTPÄUHS6THY El Sabaey made a remarkable comeback to oversee his tough opponent Sherif El Abbady who during the course of the tournament was earmarked as one of the favorites to clinch the title.



which Omar immediately responded with an equaliser. The game was deadlock at half time. Not long after the second half whistle, Saif took the lead to make it 2-1 (3-2 on aggregate), [OPZ[PTLP[^HZ9LHS4HKYPKWV[LU[MVY^HYK2HYPT)LUaLTH

with what went on to become the winning goal. ([[OLÄUHS^OPZ[SL:HPM»Z[YH]LSSPUNZ\WWVY[LYZW\UJOLK[OLHPY^P[OQV`O\NNPUN[OLPYMYPLUKHUKJVUNYH[\ - lating him. >OLUHZRLK^OH[[HJ[PJZOL\ZLKPU[OLÄUHS&:HPMYLZWVUKLK¸0OHK[VVRHKLMLUZP]LHWWYVHJOYLS` - PUNVUJV\U[LYH[[HJR6THY^HZKLÄUP[LS`[OL[V\NOLZ[VWWVULU[0OH]LL]LYWSH`LK¹ 7YLZLU[PUNOPT^P[O[OLWYPaLTVUL`VUILOHSMVM<+*^HZ4VOHTLK:OHYPMHTLTILYVM [OL*VTT\UP[`:LY]PJLZ[LHT We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part and helped make the tournament a great success and we look forward to hosting the next FIFA event fol- lowing the release of the next series FIFA 18. 6MÄJPHS-0-(9LSLHZL+H[L! :LW[LTILY

The Pearl-Qatar

,HYSPLY[OPZ`LHY<+*»ZJVTT\UP[`ZLY]PJLZ[LHTSH\UJOLK;OL7LHYS6JLHU9LZJ\LJHTWHPNU^P[O[OLHPT[VOLSW protect the marine life in the surrounding coastal waters of The Pearl-Qatar.

The mission was to collect as many plastic bottles and bags as possible, striving to achieve a more sustainable and safer living environment for the millions of marine life who live in and visit our coastal waters. Over the last month, we have collected a number of waste material much of which was plastic strewn upon our beaches and weighed a staggering 2 tonnes. More plastic has been produced in this century than was produced in the 100 years of the previous century. Over the next 30 years, annual production of plastic PZ L_WLJ[LK [V K^HYM  IPSSPVU [VUULZ;OH[»Z [OL ZHTL^LPNO[HZ)VLPUNHPYJYHM[Z


6R0NL[P[;LSSTLOV^JHU0OLSW& 1. First of all, we need to be more responsible and reduce the amount of single use plastics we consume. This includes everyday items such as straws, cotton buds and the stirrer you use for your hazelnut latte in the morning. 2. We will be providing recycle bins in the community common area, please collect your domestic plastic and dispose it in there. <+*ZLLRZ[VPUZWPYLHSSYLZPKLU[Z[V[HRLHJ[PVU[VOLSWWYV[LJ[V\YVJLHUZI`LUZ\YPUNHSS[OLPY^HZ[LPZKPZWVZLKPU[OL JVYYLJ[THUULY0M`V\]PZP[V\YILHJOLZOLYLH[;OL7LHYSHUK`V\ZLLWSHZ[PJP[LTZVU[OLÅVVYKVU»[ILLTIHYYHZZLK to pick it up, you will have contributed to saving our marine life, doing a noble cause along the way.


Bin it correctly 

A ZWHY[VMV\YUL^º)PU0[*VYYLJ[S`»^HZ[LKPZWVZHSJHTWHPNU^LOH]LYVSSLKV\[UL^(ZPaLKN\PKLSPULZVUOV^ [V\ZL[OL,5=(*Z`Z[LTJVYYLJ[S` Whilst the system itself is rather straight forward, the guidelines serve to remind users of what items can be placed inside the chute. Tell me a bit more about the system? The ^HZ[LKPZWVZHSZ`Z[LTH[;OL7LHYS8H[HY^HZPUZ[HSSLKI`,5=(*MVYTHSS`RUV^UHZ*LU[YHSV\N()H:^LKPZO ^HZ[LYLTV]HSNYV\W^OVZWLJPHSPZLZPU[OLH\[VTH[LK]HJ\\T^HZ[LJVSSLJ[PVUZ`Z[LTZ;OLÄYZ[H\[VTH[LKZ`Z[LT PU[OL^VYSK^HZPUZ[HSSLKH[)VSSLM[LL/VZWP[HSPU:^LKLU0[PZZ[PSSPUVWLYH[PVU[VKH`Y\UUPUN^P[OTHU`VMP[Z original parts. The system is used in over 30 countries and is still regarded as innovative and futuristic with many smart cities around the world incorporating the automated system. Ok, so what makes it special? Everything 

and comprehensive solution. Once you drop your ^HZ[LPU[V[OLJO\[L[OH[»ZP[^LHSSNL[VU^P[O[OL rest of our day. The suction mechanism sends the waste directly to the waste management station. The need for heavy waste transportation in the area is reduced by up to 90% using this innovative Z`Z[LT ;OPZ PU [\YU SLHKZ [V ML^LY [YHMÄJ QHTZ as well as less noise and a reduction in carbon KPV_PKL LTPZZPVUZ ;OL YVHK [YHMÄJ LU]PYVUTLU[ HYV\UKWLVWSL»ZOVTLZPZTHKLZHMLY0UHKKP[PVU as the system is hermetically sealed, it will not attract pests or insects or release noxious odors despite it collecting tons of domestic waste daily. The system has a positive impact on the environment with a low life-cycle cost.

Can I contribute in anyway? A IZVS\[LS`9LZPKLU[ZWSH`HUPU[LNYHSYVSLPULUZ\YPUN the chute operates smoothly round the clock.As an end- user, please ensure you have secured your domestic waste by sealing your refuse bags before placing it into the chute. In line with the recommended guidelines, each bag should not exceed a 60-liter capacity and packed a little loosely so that it maneuvers quickly through the network of pipes underground.

The system here at The Pearl-Qatar is among the largest projects ENVAC has ever undertaken.

• 4 independent waste collection systems ‹ PUSL[Z


Your Community. Our Priority.

)PU0[*VYYLJ[S` As part of a new campaign to increase the awareness of our Envac systems, we have YVSSLK V\[ H U\TILY VM ¸)PU 0[ *VYYLJ[S`¹ stickers which now drape the chutes in all communities. The information serves as a re- minder on what may go in the chute and how to correctly dispose waste. It also informs us- LYZVMH8(9ÄULMVYPUJVYYLJ[S`KPZWVZ - ing waste.


;:,;YLH[LK:L^HNL,MÅ\LU[ Among the major recent achievements is the new TSE JOHTILY ^OPJO OHZ ILLU PUZ[HSSLK ULHY [OL PZSHUK»Z LU - trance. TSE is commonly used as water for irrigation and lakes here at The Pearl-Qatar. Once the road work outside of the island is complete, we will be able to source a new supply of TSE which will be coming in from Lusail as well HZ ZLUKPUN IHJR [OL PZSHUK»Z J\YYLU[ YH^ ZL^HNL V\[W\[ which is approximately, 8000m³ per day. This is a major milestone for The Pearl-Qatar, as we continue our pursuit to creating a sustainable island for years to come.

-S\ZOLK Over the last few months, we have been active in our efforts [VPUJYLHZL[OLMHJPSP[PLZ^P[OPU[OLJVTT\UP[`»Z0U8HUH[ Quartier, we were able to build two new toilets for public use. ;OL[VPSL[ZPU88(UL_[[V,]LYNYLLUHYLUV^VWLU[V [OLW\ISPJ^OPSZ[[OL[VPSL[PU88UL_[[V;OL)YLHRMHZ[ *S\IPZHSTVZ[YLHK`[VVWLUP[ZKVVYZ;OPZPZHSSWHY[VMV\Y continued efforts to increase the number of facilities avail- able in your community.

(*HSS[V7YH`LY 0U4H`»ZLKP[PVUVM[OPZUL wsletter, we informed our readers that work had begun to build prayer rooms in Porto Arabia. Since then, it gives us great pleasure to announce that the prayer rooms PU   HUK   3H *YVPZL[[L 7VY[V (YHIPH HYL now open for public use.

2PSS@V\Y:WL ed Over the last few months, we have been active in our efforts to further improve the safety of your community. Last month we completed the speed table at the entrance of Marina Way 11, off Porto Arabia Drive. These speed tables ensure that mo- torists slow down when entering the road.


This month, work is scheduled to begin at the Medina *LU[YHSL7PHaaH[VPUZ[HSSUL^ÅVVYPUN;OLUL^Y\IILY ÅVVYPUN^PSSYLWSHJL[OLL_PZ[PUNSHUKZJHWL;OLHYLHPU recent months has become a popular chill-out for visi- [VYZPU4LKPUH*LU[YHSL3VJH[LKJLU[YHSS`IL[^LLU;.0 -YPKH`»ZHUK+LIZ^9LTTHU]PZP[VYZZWLUK[OLPY[PTL taking in the beautiful evening atmosphere whilst chil- dren play in the piazza. When complete, the piazza will MLH[\YL[OLZHTLJVSV\YM\SÅVVYPUN^OPJO^HZ\WNYHKLK PUHSSVM[OLPZSHUK»ZWSH`NYV\UKZSHZ[`LHY

;LSSTLHIP[HIV\[[OLYLZ[H\YHU[& Arabesque is a modern take on traditional Arabian cuisines. Opened in the early part of 2017, and part VM H U\TILY VM /+* YLZ[H\YHU[Z (YHILZX\L HPTZ [V bring to diners, new takes on classic favourites hoping [VLU[PJLHUL^NLULYH[PVUVMMVVKSV]LYZ[V[OLÅH]V\YZ of Arabia. As highlighted on their homepage “We aim to be different by evolving many of the well-known plates HUK IYPUNPUN UL^ JOLM JYLH[PVUZ [OH[ N\LZ[Z ^PSS ÄUK familiar with modern twists. Arabesque will elevate the Shawarma, touch up Tabbouleh and develop desserts bringing new and exciting dishes to The Pearl-Qatar.” 3L[»Z[HRLHSVVRPUZPKL Its HS^H`ZKPMÄJ\S[JOVVZPUNHUL^YLZ[H\YHU[[VYL]PL^ H[;OL7LHYS8H[HY;OLYLHYLZVTHU`[VJOVVZLMYVT Whenever I review a restaurant, I always try to go for HKPMMLYLU[J\PZPUL[VT`WYL]PV\ZYL]PL^0ÄYZ[OLHYK about Arabesque when a friend mentioned it to me. He said he had taken his family there and the food was YLHSS`NVVK;OL[PTPUN^HZWLYMLJ[HUKZPUJL0OHKUV[ previously done a review on an Arabian cuisine so far, I thought, now would be the perfect time.

The restaurant is located in Porto Arabia, by Tower 22. Free parking is available at the site and once your car's WHYRLKP[»ZSP[LYHSS`HZ[VUL»Z[OYV^H^H` Inside the restaurant, the decor is rather contemporary featuring an array of colours. The restaurant features a ÅVVY [V JLPSPUN ^HSS ^OPJO HSSV^Z T\JO UH[\YHS SPNO[ JVTPUN PU >OH[ KVLZ [OPZ TLHU& >LSS ZPTWS` W\[ beautiful views of the marina which compliments well any meal on your plate, perfect for lunch time visits. I found the restaurant big enough to give you a number

has a beautiful fragrent aroma, all I could see was livers everywhere sitting in a molasses of pomegranate and pine nuts. 4` ÄYZ[ IP[L ^HZ H WSLHZHU[ Z\YWYPZL [OL SP]LY P[ZLSM ^HZ really tender. I felt the chef did a great job with the choice of dressing. As a big lover of sea food I went for something more close to home for my main. From the moment I saw it on the wooden board the waiter was holding, I knew I was really in for a treat. The Arabesque Seafood Platter came served with a selection of locally sourced hamour, white squid and shrimp. Honestly, they were better off re-naming it, ZLHMVVKKLSPNO[P[^HZ[OH[NVVK First of all, the hamour, just thinking about it is making my TV\[O^H[LY0»]LOHKOHTV\YPUX\P[LHML^WSHJLZI\[[OPZ ^HZKLÄUP[LS`VULVM[OLILZ[0HSZVJVVROHTV\YH[OVTL so I know just how hard it is to really execute it perfectly. It ^HZ[LUKLY[OLÄSSL[^HZW\YLHUK^OP[L^P[OHUPJLNVSKLU top just the way it should be cooked. The homemade garlic sauce was a delight, I even started googling “how to make NHYSPJ ZH\JL&¹ ;OL [^V [VNL[OLY ^LYL OLH]LUS` 0 [VVR my time eating it as I wanted to savor every bite, taking turns slicing through the squid, shrimp and hamour whilst dabbing it into the yellow garlic sauce. -PUHSS`KLZZLY[ZT`MH]V\YP[LWHY[VM[OLTLHS;OLÅVVY manager insisted that I try the Date Tart, which I was quite glad he did. It was really delicious, honestly, it really ^VYRLK MVY TL 3H`LYZ VM I\[[LYLK KH[LZ H KYPaaSL VM ÄN slices and the crusty pie all complimented the chocolate PJLJYLHTYLHSS`^LSS0M[OLYL»ZVUL[OPUN`V\JHUIL[VU P[»Z[OH[0THKLZ\YL0OHKJSLHULK[OLWSH[L Another dish I would like to try next time I visit is the Qatari dish with an Arabesque touch, Salona Lahm Kharouf, which is a leg of lamb meat stew with saffron and vegetables All areas of the restaurant allow children any time during P[ZVWLYH[PUNOV\YZ-VYMHTPSPLZ^P[OHIHI`[OLYL»ZWSLU[` of room for you to pass your pushchairs. =LYKPJ[& A OP[0»KYLJVTTLUK[OLAH`[V\ULH:HSHK:LHMVVK7SH[[LY HUKKLÄUP[LS`[OL4P_LK)LYY`4VQP[V ZLY]LK^P[OZWLJPHSYPJL:V\UKZNVVKKVLZU»[P[& -HTPS` >OLLSJOHPY-YPLUKS`&

of seating options and small enough to make your dining L_WLYPLUJLPU[PTH[LHUKJVa` >OH[»ZVU[OLTLU\& What I loved about the menu was the simplicity. The menu features a variety of soups, cold and hot mezzes, salads, grills and speciality dishes. For my starter, I ordered the Zaytoneya Salad. A house salad with sliced olives, capsicum and a pomegranate TVSHZZLZ KYLZZPUN5V^ 0»T UV[ YLHSS` H IPN ZHSHK SV]LY but I have to admit, this salad nailed it for me. It had the perfect balance of crunch, taste and a zest of tangy largely

due to the pomegranate dressing.


;OL*OPJRLU 3P]LYZ^LYL ZLY]LK MYLZO VMM [OL JVVRLY PU H traditional clay-type bowl. Again, another large portion. It

-VVK!  :LY]PJL! 




Simple steps to close your account

For many residents who are relocating, closing utility connections can be a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be! Below we have compiled a checklist for you to ease the process before heading to your local Kahramaa Service Center.

1. Know which Service Centers serve The Pearl-Qatar residents. We recommend heading down to the newly opened ‘Pearl Service Center’ in Medina Centrale. For more information on locations, please visit

2. Obtain up-to-date meter readings. UDC tenants have the privilege of receiving prompt meter readings at no cost. If you are a non-UDC tenant, your landlord should be able to assist you. If you are a homeowner and are not sure where to start, please call the island’s FM helpdesk on 800-1212 (a fee may be applicable for the service). You will need to obtain the latest readings from your electricity and domestic water meters. The units of measurement as displayed on the electricity meter is ‘kWh’ whilst the units of measurement as displayed on domestic water meter is ‘m³’ Remember to take clear pictures whilst ensuring the serial number is visible. Blurry LPDJHVPD\OHDGWRUHMHFWLRQ,QDGGLWLRQLW·VZRUWKQRWLQJWKDWDZULWWHQFRQÀUPDWLRQ signed and stamped by your landlord is usually required. Tip: Upon obtaining the meter readings, ensure you close your account within 2 weeks, otherwise you risk being asked to re-take and provide up-to-date readings. 3. Head to a Kahramaa Service Center. Remember to take with you your readings, your Qatari ID and a letter stamped by \RXUEDQNDIÀUPLQJ\RXU,%$1,I\RXDUHFORVLQJDQDFFRXQWRQEHKDOIRIVRPHERG\ HOVH\RXZLOOQHHGWKHLU,'OHDVHDJUHHPHQW63$DVZHOODVDSRZHURIDWWRUQH\OHWWHU DQGDOHWWHUVWDPSHGE\WKHEDQNDIÀUPLQJWKHDFFRXQWKROGHUV,%$1

So how long does the process take? Well, a few short minutes.

If your documents are in order and you have paid your bills you will probably be in credit considering the deposit you would’ve put forward at the time of opening the account. If this is the case, Kahramaa will credit the money into your account a few days later. 3OHDVHUHPHPEHUWRNHHS\RXUUHFHLSWDQGFOHDUDQFHFHUWLÀFDWHZLWK\RX:HUHFRPPHQG that you immediately send an email copy of it to your landlord to ensure they too have a copy in turn making your exit process easier.

New Payment Options

Qatar Cool Payment App

1. Mobile App

2. Direct Debit

Personal Payments

1. Cheque Payment at Customer Service

2. Cash Deposit at Bank

3. Credit and Debit Card Payment at Customer Service

4. American Express Payment at Customer Service

Online Payments

1. Quick Pay Credit Card

2. Quick Pay Debit Card

3. Bank Transfers

4. Customer Portal


wHERE CAN I get a resident card from? Resident passes are issued by The Registry Department, located on the ground floor of UDC’s Medina Centrale office. The customer service desks will be to your right hand side as you enter. You will need to bring with you, your Qatari ID, passport-sized photograph and lease agreement/SPA. I would like TO CARRY OUT MODIFICATIONS TO MY PROPERTY, DO I NEED UDC’S PERMISSION? Yes. All modifications to the property require approval from the Registry Department. Small day-to-day domestic home alterations such as repainting internal walls etc do not require an approval. HOW DO I BOOK THE TENNIS COURTS? Residents can book the tennis courts free of charge. To book a court, call Ittisal, our dedicated 24/7 helpdesk on 800 6222. First come, first serve.

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE TO CARRY OUT MAINTENANCE IN MY UNIT? As a homeowner, you would be responsible for themaintenance of your property. As a tenant, you should raise your concern to your landlord. Tenants who are leasing fromUDCmay call Ittisal on 800 6222.

to whom do i report a noise disturbance coming from a neighbouring unit? We have dedicated security manning the island 24/7. Call our dedicated 24/7 helpdesk, Ittisal on 800-6222 and we will dispatch a member of our security team to the location.

how do i sign up for a free digital copy of the pearl living community newsletter? Pearl Living is the official community newsletter of The Pearl-Qatar. To sign up to a free digital copy, simply send an email to with the subject “sign me up” how do i pay my qatar cool bill? The quickest and most convenient way to pay your bill is to download the Qatar Cool app which is available on iOS and android. Your connection ID is listed in the paper bill you would have received, alternatively you may visit Qatar Cool’s office located at the main intersection on the island close to Woqod.

I’M HAVING ISSUES WITH MY IPTV (ENTONE receiver), WHO DO I CALL FOR help? For all IPTV related assistance, please call 4409 5181

is there anywhere on the island i can go to watch major sporting events? Yes. You can watch live coverage of some major sporting events at our amphitheatre at 30 La Croisette, by tower 30 - Porto Arabia. It’s free. Follow our official instagram account @thepearlqatar for the latest announcements


HOUSEHOLD FIRES, STAY SAFE. What shall i do if i hear the fire alarm sound? Your number one priority is to get out of the building as quickly and as safely as possible. You’ve probably heard it time and time again, leave your valuables behind, there is nothing more valuable than your own life.


cooking equipment Most kitchen fires occur because people get distracted and leave their cooking unattended. Remember to always keep combustibles such as paper towels and oven mitts away from the heat source and always have a working fire extinguisher and a fire blanket in your kitchen to use in the event of a fire. Always turn off your cooker/hotplate from the wall mounted switch when not in use.

careless smoking If possible, make your home a smoke-free environment and if this is unavoidable, aim to do so on the balcony with an ashtray and keep a water source nearby to extinguish the cigarette.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT Ensure the following: 1) Your electrical appliances don’t have loose or frayed cords. 2) Your outlets are not overwhelmed with multiple plugs. 3) You’re not running electrical wires under rugs or heavy furniture. 4) You switch off all sockets which are not in use, paying particular attention when going on vacation.

incense, candles and bukhoor Keep candles, bukhoor and other forms of incense, away from combustible material and away from children and pets. Remember to extinguish them before leaving the room.

curious children Always keep any matches, lighters and other ignitors away from children.


REFER & REWARD HELP A FRIEND HELP YOU SO TELL ME, HOW DOES IT WORK? The tenant referral bonus scheme aims to reward existing UDC tenants who refer a friend, family or colleague who then goes on to take up a lease with UDC. The scheme is a great opportunity for existing UDC tenants to gain a rent free period saving you money for the other important things in life. AHHH! I SEE... SO TELL ME EXACTLY, WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? Two weeks off if you refer someone who: 1. Leases an apartment or townhouse in Porto Arabia. 2. Leases an apartment in Medina Centrale. 3. Leases an apartment, low-rise or townhouse in VB29.

4. Leases an apartment in Qanat Quartier. Three weeks off if you refer someone who: 1. Leases a townhouse in Qanat Quartier.

ARE THERE ANY LIMITATIONS ON WHAT KIND OF UNIT THEY TAKE UP? No, there are no limitations. The discount applies to all units ranging from a studio flat right up to a four-bedroom property. ANY THING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? In order to redeem this offer, all existing UDC tenants should have: 1. A valid lease agreement with United Development Company (UDC), Medina Centrale Company or United Development Investment Company.

2. All lease payments must be up-to-date. 3. Notice to vacate has not been served. 4. Tenant referral form is filled, signed and submitted.

The offer will be applicable to one unit per referral, in other words, you can only make one referral per lease term. The new applicant, must lease within 30 days from the date the form is submitted and received by UDC. This bonus scheme is not applicable to real estate agents and ends in December 2018. For more info, please call 4409 5155 or send a request to and we will send you the referral from.

*Terms & Conditions apply.

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