Debrief - Officer Development Programme

Debrief-officer development program

Change management is a systematic approach to dealing with change, both from the perspective of an organization and on the individual level.

OB J E C T I V E S O F C H A NG E • Positive Thinking – Change in attitude – based on thoughts – positive thinking – think only about growth • Convincing people about result • Motivating Juniors about growth job security • Change of system to be followed under flow process

• Change of roles • Self Awareness • Increasing manpower worth • Goal Setting • Education at different levels and areas • Generation of competition

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• Top • Generate employment and wealth • Leadership Grooming • Hope & Excitement


• Frustration level increases

• No business • No Growth • Competition happy


• I may have to go

Successful adaptation to change is as crucial within an organization as it is in the natural world. Just like plants and animals, organizations and the individuals in them certainly come upon changing conditions that they are powerless to control. The more effectively you deal with change, the more likely you are to succeed. Organisation is like a pyramid, in which, those who want to succeed, accept the changes and learn to adapt to them and climb up th e ladder and reach the top of the pyramid.

Resistance to change leads to: • Insecurity • Incompetence • Discomfort

• Resistance from others • Productivity decreases

A simple change process that can be followed to adapt to and incorporate change is: 1) Change behaviour 2) Like the change 3) Implement the change


CHANGE-MEANS C Confidence Challenge Courage Creativity H Habit change Hope Hard work Honest A Attitude Acceptance that others will resist change Adjust to new environment N Counter negative thinking New New problems G Growth Good Great companies E Efficiency Effort Expertise Experience

TRANSFORM MODEL OF CHANGE The following model can be applied if one suspects change. The Model can be applied in situations of ambiguity wherein one is confused regarding how to go about something and thus helps in adapting to change by helping us find solutions to problems that come in due to change.

T Test the environment R Reason with people A Assess the situation N Negotiate Ideas S Select Situations F Failure Analysis O Look for opportunities R Define the Result M Monitor/Measure Change



Need & idea involve subordinates


Creative thinking team work


Enterprise risk management


Management’s responsibility return on investment


Your responsibility


Your responsibility


Impact of ideas


During the Brainstorming session, Pareto’s 80:20 rule should be applied, and the ideas that will impact the organisation in the most useful way should be shortlisted.

Implementation on the other hand requires:

Resistance to change leads to: • Skill, for which training can be imparted • Technology , which requires money • Resources , which are available • System , that needs to be changed for continuous improvement • Attitude • Time • Results • TeamWork


CONFL I CT MANAGEMENT For any organisation to be effective and efficient in achieving its goals, the people in the organisation need to have a shared vision of what they are striving to achieve, as well as clear objectives for each team department and individual. You also need ways of recognising and resolving conflict amongst people, so that conflict does not become so serious that co-operation is impossible. All members of any organisation need to have ways of keeping conflict to a minimum - and of solving problems caused by conflict, before conflict becomes a major obstacle to your work.

Conflict management is the process of planning to avoid conflict where possible and organising to resolve conflict where it does happen, as rapidly and smoothly as possible.

CONFL I CT MANAGEMENT GR ID The following conflict management grid can help one identify the style that the other person is following and eventually help resolve conflicts.

Wise Owl (Win Win Ideas)

Shark (Aggressive, Assertive support)

Fox (Personal Gain)

Turtle (Negative)

Teddy (Popular, Socially acceptable ideas)

All personalities come together and manipulate which is why brainstorming is of utmost importance.







Career Expectations



Of no use



The model clearly shows the importance of having the right attitude. If one has the right attitude, he/she will be open to learning and will therefore benefit on the performance front as well.


• Understanding the Change Process • Learning how to function and perform effectively in a changing environment • Application of models for problem solving during change

• Importance of Conflict Management throughout • Managing change and acting as drivers of change • Understanding drawbacks of resistance to change

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