American Consequences - January 2021



individually, about where all the beer went, we got "identical" answers that it was somebody else's fault. Primacy of moral values does not fare well among those who "can't tell left from wrong" or who think that virtue consists in wearing a certain kind of hat. Continuity of civilized institutions is not maintained by people who belong in one, let alone by letting the inmates run the asylum... or the prison, as the case may be. These people – whether just back from showing off their tattoos and Viking hat at the speaker’s podium in the Senate chamber or still moping around the deserted Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle – are to be regarded more with pity than with anger. Okay... with anger, too. They’re dangerous jerks. But they can’t find anything worthwhile to believe in. They look and act like idiots. They’re leading ugly, pointless, unpleasant lives. We should feel sorry for them... from a distance... a long distance. I’m thinking from here to Leavenworth for six to 10 years, with time off for normal behavior.

mob who would say they are “libertarians” or “conservatives.” And that would be lying... I hope I’m wrong... I hope all the people who invaded the Capitol were the anti- Biden version of the anti-Trumpers who led, followed, engaged in, or aided and abetted the previous rioting. These people, though opposite in politics, are of the same ilk in folly. They do not believe in individual liberty. They don’t think they’re free. They think there is something “systemic” – racism, capitalism, the deep state, canceled Twitter accounts, whatever – that prevents them from being free. Yet they’ve been acting freely enough. Indeed, they’ve been acting too freely – breaking and stealing things. And the way they’ve treated fellow citizens further proves the rioters’ scorn for individual liberty. They can’t believe other individuals have the liberty to disagree with them. Individual responsibility is shirked with proud announcements of collective "identity politics." My wife and I have made the mistake of leaving our three teenagers at home alone. When we questioned them,

American Consequences


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