American Consequences - January 2021

will not support ESPN for turning our beautiful America communist or Marxist. Why are we letting them ruin our American fun andwhat are we teaching the next generation? Can Trish Regan give her two cents on this subject because it is so sad and we don’t know how to protest about them ruining football? – Janet and Seth P. Trish Regan response: Hi Janet and Seth, It’s terrible that sports has become politicized. Frankly, there’s just a little too much politics in every facet of our lives right now and I think we’d all be better off with less! We all care about our country... However, there needs to be opportunities, especially in the world of entertainment, to get away from the politics of the moment. I hope we’re entering a different chapter... We will see. Thanks for reaching out! Hi Trish, I enjoy your work and was sorry to see you taken off of Fox. One of the issues that seems to have been unspoken in the time since the election is the part a considerable number of our conservative brethren have played in helping to create the situation we currently find ourselves in... OUT of cash at record levels, pumping billions of dollars into a specific corner of the financial markets. So what's really going on... and what does it mean for YOUR money? Click here for answers . Ad: Prepare for a 'Cash Panic' The Nasdaq just hit 13,000 for the first time in history... while professional money managers are stampeding

O’Donoghue had a beatnik distain for everything to do with the subject. There was only one test for a joke at NatLamp: whether it was funny. People used to ask us, “Is there any subject that’s so serious that you won’t make fun of it?” And we’d reply, “Is there any disease that’s so serious that a doctor won’t treat it?” Love it! Keep ‘em coming, PJ! Picked up a copy of your book Give War a Chance . You deserve a Pulitzer for your fine, artistic writing, sir! All the best and Happy New Year, to all of you! – Harold S. P.J. O’Rourke response: I appreciate the compliment, Harold. But usually when humorists start getting prizes it’s because they’ve quit hurting enough people’s feelings – a sure sign that they aren’t very funny anymore. However, I can think of one huge exception. In 1988, my friend Dave Barry – who was and is the funniest person since Homo erectus gave Homo habilis a flint wedgie – received a Pulitzer Prize for his column in the Miami Herald. Dave deserved the award. But it’s also possible that the Pulitzer Prize judges were drinking. My husband and I love Trish Regan and her point of view. We normallywould not reach out but we wondered if this issue could be addressed on your platform. What is happening to all our sports?We love football and stoppedwatching professional football when they started using their stage to put America down. Now college football this weekend put up Black Lives Matter Marxist agenda and it has us turning the TV off. We


American Consequences


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