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august 2018

of Compassion and Backbone The Winning Combination

As you know, our team is very family-oriented. All of us have young kids and we value our time with them. In the serious cases we deal with, our families help us keep what’s important in perspective. Our kiddos range from toddlers to kindergarteners, and our newest attorney has added another little one to the team. I shared with you a couple months ago how our workload was steadily growing at the firm. It’s a blessing to see it grow, but it also meant neither Rosalie nor I were spending as much time with our families as we needed to.

It got to the point where we needed to add an attorney experienced in family law to our team — so next came the challenge of finding one.

Because marital and family law is so complex, I knew they would have to be the right fit. We work with our clients with a combination of compassion, patience, and tenacity, and I wanted someone who exemplified these traits. I was looking for an attorney to bring the same compassion and determination to win a client’s case that Rosalie and I do. In a divorce case, you want an attorney who has compassion for your situation, but you also need someone who will have the backbone to fight for it, if the case goes to court. When I met attorney Charlie Thompson, I knew I’d found the winning combination. Charlie has been practicing family law for 13 years — even longer than I have. He’s respected in the legal community, and his experience in the field is a an outstanding asset to our clients. He’s getting along well with everyone he’s worked with, and we’re very happy to have him. In addition to introducing Charlie, I have one more bit of exciting news to share with you. I reached an exciting milestone in my legal career recently — I became board certified in marital and family law, which is a prestigious achievement not given lightly. I’m not one to draw attention to my accomplishments, but I do feel proud because of how hard I worked for this achievement. In the legal community, board certification is a top distinction given by the Florida Bar to attorneys who meet an extensive list of criteria. You have to qualify to even take the certification exam, and it’s very challenging. Only after practicing for a number of years, having documented experience in trials, passing a difficult exam, and going through an extensive peer review process are you awarded certification in a specific area. I recognize it would not be possible for me to become a board certified marital and family law attorney at such a relatively early point in my legal career without the encouragement of my family and firm, or the mentoring I have received from both inside and outside of my profession from many people. Now as I end this personal bragging session, I wanted to give a big THANK-YOU to everyone who helped make this possible for me!

New attorney Charles and his family

– Chris Bruce

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