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F orever , 0 L ord , T hy W ord is S ettled I n H eaven PSALM 119:89 j ?

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e) October, 1924

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B E S U R E T O R E A D Lawlessness............ ............... ............. ....Dr, A . V . Kimmell The Lord is Coming.....p4-........ Dr. H. Grattan Guinness W ill Babylon be Rebuilt?.................. ........... James Dunbar Modernism: The Outlook in Great Britain.............. ......... ................................ ............. Dr. Arthur H. Carter Our Continual Need of the Holy Spirit for Service __________................ 4 ...... ........... ................. Dr. F. E. Marsh IN T H I S I S S U E IN N O V E M B E R Thanksgiving________________________Dr. John Murdoch IVlacInms "Nailing it to the Cross” ...................Dr. Clarence Edward Macartney The Revival of the Prayer-Spirit...................... Dr. Arthur T. Pierson The Priesthood of the Ministry......................... Dr. Frederic W. Farr Our Continual Need of the Holy Spirit for Service (Continued from October)..............................Dr. F. E. Marsh

The WrittenWord Q Inseparable || The Living Word THY WORD IS TRUTH john 17-17 I AM THE TRUTH johm w-e


IFYOUHAD $1.00 or $10.00 or $100.00 or $1,000.00 or $10,000.00 to invest Forthe LORD’SWORK WHERE and HOW would you INVEST IT so as to I NSURE Q A F E a n d RETURNS S a t is f a c t o r y


Because Every Dollar Would Be Used in Definite Soul-Saving Service?


■ CHALLENGE your I We C o n s id e r a t io n ofour


T he K ing ’ s B usiness M otto: “ I, the Lord, do keep it; I will water it every moment: lest any hurt it, I will keep it night and day." Isaiah 27:3. PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY AND REPRESENTING THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES T. C. HORTON, Editor-in-Chief R. H. RICHARDS, Business Manager ITS PURPOSE is to strengthen the faith o f all believers, in all the w orld; to stir their hearts to engage in definite Christian w ork; to acquaint them with the varied work o f the Bible Institute o f Los A ngeles; and to work in harmony and fellowship with them in m agnifying the person and work o f our Lord Jesus Christ, and thus hasten His com ing. Volume X V October, 1924 Number 10 Table of Contents Editorials Page DR. R. A. TORREY DR. A. C. DIXON CONTRIBUTORS DR. LEANDER S. KEYSER DR. J. FRANK NORRIS DR. JOHN MacINNIS DR. L. W . MUNHALL__________DR. F. W . FARR THIS MAGAZINE stands for the Infallible W ord of God, and for its great, fundamental doctrines. WM . JENNINGS BRYAN DR. CHARLES R. ROADS 5*

Wanted! Mantle Men............ i..................................................................... 611 Hunger of Heart,— in Sinner— in Saint..'................................................ 611 The Nation’s Need............................................................... Headed for Hades...............................................................-........................ 613 Bishop Brown Bowed Out...... ......................................................................613 Building Without the Builder.........................................................................61 4 A Direct, Definite, Deliberate Appeal........................................................ 61 5 Contributed Articles Lawlessness-—Rev. A. V. Kimmell............................................................ 617 The Lord is Coming— The Late Dr. H. Grattan Guinness.................... 618 Will Babylon be Rebuilt?— James Dunbar.............................................. 619 Our Continual Need of the Holy Spirit for Service — Dr. F, E. Marsh.................. .......................................................... 621 Secularized Public Schools— The Nation’ s Menace — Rev. S. M. Ellis, D. D................................................................ 622 Foundation Work— Dr. Charles A. Blanchard.............. ........................ 624 You Left Jesus Out— Rev. Keith L. Brooks............................................. 625 Third Annual Lyceum-Eteri Conference....................................................626 Current Comment ...................................................................................................627 Our Bible Institute in Hunan Province (China)............................................. ...628 Evangelistic Department (Interesting Soul-Winning Stories from Real Experience)......................................... 629 Pointers for Preachers and Teachers (Homiletical Helps)..............................632 The Family Circle (For Fellowship and Intercession).................. ...............634 Practical Methods of Personal Work (For “ Defenders of the Faith” ) .........635 Comments on the Christian Endeavor Topics.............. .................................... 636 The Children’ s Garden.................................................................. -....................--637 International S. S. Lesson Helps........................................................................... 638 The Whole Bible (Fundamental) S. S. Lesson Helps....... .............................647 Best Books ................................. 662 Bible Institute Happenings.......................................... 667 Correspondence School Graduates.......................................................-..............678



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TH E C O M IN G R E V IV A L K HE Sixth Annual Convention of the World’s Christian Fundamentals Association, assembled in Minneapolis June 13, 1924, desires to give to the world its deepest conviction that if Christ longer tarries, we are on the evè of a great spiritual awakening. We feel that we voice the senti­ ment of millions of devout believers everywhere when we declare that we are at the present moment in the spirit of great expectation. There is "‘the sound of goings in the tops Qf the mulberry trees” and of “abundance of rain” on the way. We believe the world’s greatest revival may be imminent.

IT WILL STRENGTHEN THE MINISTRY A revival is needed also to quicken and strengthen the faith of the ministry. We believe that God has ordained that the world shall be saved by “ the foolishness of- preaching,” that it is His plan to call, separate, anoint and send forth ministers to a lost world. Who is there among us whose heart does not break and bleed over the flood-tide of worldliness that is sweeping through our churches? Iniquity abounds and only the blindest can deny that we are in perilous times when men are “ lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, truce-breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.” SAVING THE YOUTH OF OUR LAND A revival is the only hope of saving the youth of the land to faith in a personal God and in His Holy Word. It is with the deepest sorrow that we are compelled to admit that too often we find skepticism dethroning sincere and personal faith in the things of Christ, heaven and immortality. On every hand parents have been made to weep bitter tears over the fearful departure from the true faith by their sons and daughters who have been swept into the maelstrom of modern infidelity. STEMMING THE TIDE OF CRIME That we are in a time of lawlessness and increase in crime none can deny. Confidence in authority and law has been undermined. The public con­ science needs to be quickened. Men in high, as well as low estate, are guilty of the most shocking acts of dishonesty, graft and crime. The whole nation, regardless of political parties, has been compelled to bow its head in shame and humilia­ tion over these startling revelations. The only effective cure for dishonesty, for graft, for crime, for lawlessness, is not any particular theory of government, not any particular thought of school or philosophy, but history shows the only effective cure has come from above by the operation of the Holy Spirit on the consciences of men. In times of great spiritual awakening God, in fulfillment of His purpose and according to the multitude of His tender mercies, sends “ the times of refreshment from the presence of the Lord.”

PERIODICAL REVIVAL— GOD ’S PLAN First of all, we desire to reaffirm in most unequi­ vocal language our abiding and unshaken faith in great periodical revivals as God’s usual method, of calling a sinning and sorrowing world to righteous­ ness and peace. In both the Old and New Testaments we find again and again the record of mighty spiritual awakenings which came down from above. In times of idolatry, distress, confusion, war and wickedness, the voice of Prophet in the Old Testa­ ment and Apostle in the New, was always present to summon the people back to the God of their fathers. In subsequent history we know that periodical revivals have been God’s plan through the generations. In each and,every one of these revivals the times were characterized by political chaos, corruption in priestcraft, lawlessness on every hand, broken down home life, worldliness in the church, grossest immorality in society and the darkness of skepti­ cism. CHARACTER OF REVIVAL NEEDED In this day of multiplied voices, each proclaiming a new gospel which is not the true gospel, we feel the necessity of restating and declaring the char­ acter of revival that is needed. It is a revival that comes from above rather than from below; a revival that comes in the name and authority of Him who “ cometh from above and who is above all;” a revival that holds forth the Word of light to shine in the midst of a “ crooked and perverse generation” and, as David prayed, “ according to Thy Word,” the whole Bible as supernaturally inspired, the final and complete revelation of God’s will to man concerning man’s redemption: a revival that again in New Testament fashion, relies abso­ lutely on the Holy Spirit to “ convict men of sin and of righteousness and of judgment,” to quicken the souls that are dead in trespasses and sins, and to make men new creatures in Christ Jesus; a revival that uses heaven-anointed men rather than human-appointed machines; a revival that pro­ claims Jesus the Christ' as “ the only name given under heaven whereby we must be saved” ; a revival that sets forth His atonement on the cross for our sins and His resurrection from the grave for our justification; a revival that calls men to repentance for their sins and confession of Christ, the Lord, as their Saviour; and a revival that will quicken the conscience and cause and compel men to “ bring forth fruits meet for repentance.”

THEREFORE: We call upon God’s people everywhere, ministers and laymen, in city and in country, of all denominations to join with us in deepest heart contrition, confession and turning to Almighty God, and make the prayer- of the prophet of old the cry of the hour, “ O Lord revive Thy work in the midst of the years, in the midst of the years make known, in wrath remember mercy.” Signed: CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALS ASSOCIATION

Sidney T. Smith, President R. A. Torrey, Vice President L. W. Munhall, Vice President Charles A. Blanchard, Vice President W. B. Riley, Executive Secretary William Jennings Bryan J. Frank Norris

A. Gordon MacLennan A. C. Dixon T. T. Shields Leander S. Keyser C. G. Trumbull P. W. Philpott


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

October 1924

head for service as leaders, but leaders cannot map the way. The mantle must be upon the shoulders of Him who blazed the way by His own example and sacrifice. It must come with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. There must be no hedging—no hesitating. What the service will be, when it will be, how it will be done, must all be left to Himself who said. “ Lo, I am with you, always, even to the end of the age. ’ ’ WANTED ! MANTLE MEN who will wear the Spirit-given mantle of the fathers without fear or favor, indifferent to the criticism of men, within or

WANTED! MANTLE MEN Leaders have come and leaders have gone, but Jeho­ vah is unchangeably the same. Elijah was off on a chariot of fire! A whirlwind carried him to Heaven. The “ Air Service” is as old as God. There is nothing new under the sun. There will be many more of God’s laws revealed, perhaps, before the ascension of the church. No doubt Elijah’s mantle fluttered down to Elisha’s feet and he accepted it as a token of his call to service as the successor of a great prophet. Elijah was done.

His mantle had been bes­ towed by Jehovah upon Eli­ sha, who took up the task like a man and proved that power was of God, and im­ mediately exercised it in be­ half of God. Elisha had been tested. He would not leave Elijah. “ Stiek-to-it-tive-ness” is as essential in service for God as in any other. Many men fail when God tests them. They are willing enough to be servants of God provided the path is easy, and the pas­ ture green and the waters quiet.—but they hesitate when the test comes. The history of service for God has been the same through all the ages. Trials, tribulations, tedious tests ,-^-7 but always triumph when the faith is fixed. In these

without the fold;!, with love in their hearts for God and for their fellow-men; with a grip upon the Sword of the Spirit; men ready to live or to die for their Lord; men who will put first things first; men whose hearts beat in fel­ lowship with the Captain of their salvation, and in sym­ pathy with the children of men; men who cannot be pushed off the royal road into the rut of the sordid system which would make of them wooden soldiers in place of loyal servants of Christ. HUNGER OF HEART, --in SINNER--in SAINT What is true of the sinner is true of the saint. The old nature is restless—out of harmony with God. Sin is

ADVENT HYMN Oih, quickly come, dread Judge of all; For, awful though Thine advent be, All shadows from the truth will fall, And falsehood die, in sight of thee; O, quickly come, for doubt and fear lake clouds dissolve when Thou art near. Oh, quickly come, true life of all; For death is mighty all around; On every home his shadows fall, On every heart his mark is found; Oh, quickly come; for grief and pain Can never cloud Thy glorious reign. Oh, quickly come, sure Eight of all, For gloomy night broods o’er our way; And fainting souls begin to fall W ith weary watching for the day: Come, quickly come; for round Thy throne No eye is blind, no night is known. — Lawrence Tuttiett (1854)

violation of law. Violation of law is always accom­ panied by fear. The degree of fear is determined by the punishment decreed by law’. Every man has a conscious fear of the future,—no matter how much he may boast to the contrary. He seeks to hide his fear in his heart, but there is “ no peace to the wicked.” There can be none. God hath spoken. Experience has said Amen. In dealing with men we know that they are out of harmony with their own conscience,-—-no matter what they say—and we know that only when they bow to the law of God and accept Christ can they have peace. Now this is also true of the Christian who is out of fellowship with God. He knows what God’s will is. He knows by the pleading and leading of the Holy Spirit within that he is not pleasing God. He tries to appear satisfied, and sometimes shows great indiffer­ ence to spiritual things, but we know that the new life craves food, the heart craves rest and there is no rest for the Christian out of harmony with the will of God. There can be none. This is perfectly logical

days—so different from the days which have preceded us—these so.ft days for the church and for our own land,—the church is being tested in a new way. Everything has changed. Elegant church buildings, easy cushioned pews, elaborate programs, euphonious responsive readings, entertaining essays (using the soft pedal freely), self-satisfied worshippers who feel that they have put the Lord God Almighty under obligation by reason of their sacrifice in being willing to attend service! Elijah would be a joke today, and Elisha would be imprisoned for calling upon the she-bears to correct the irreverence of the youths. The Spirit of God ruled in and through Elijah, and the mantle of power rested upon Elisha. Elijah left no cut-and-dried program for his successor. The Spirit of God led him in His own royal way and he worked twice as many miracles as did Elijah. The church has had many mighty men. Thank God for them. God ordained them. The Church needs some mighty men today. The need is great and the necessity is imminent. The call comes from the God­


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

October 1924

even without the testimony of the Word of God, but it is there stated definitely and distinctly. There is no peace to the wicked. The sinner is under the law of the Ten Commandments. The saint is under the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus. Violation of law by either brings unrest. “ I delight to do thy w ill” is the only solution for sinner or saint. “ He satisfieth the longing soul, and filleth the hungry soul with goodness.” He does. No one else can Nothing else can. He satisfies. The sinner must have Christ as Saviour and the new nature which Christ gives, or it is hopeless for him to try and find peace or rest elsewhere. The saint must be in harmony with Christ’s will, or he, too, is hopelessly restless. “ Come unto Me, and I will give you rest” is a message for the Sinner, and it is also a message for the saint. Knowing the truth about Christ as Saviour, does not give rest to the sinner. He must have Christ Himself. Knowing the truth about Christ ’s promise to the saint, “ Peace I leave with you; my peace I give unto you; let not your heart be troubled; neither let it be afraid” means nothing to the saint unless he accepts the peace upon the implied terms. There is but one place of rest and peace for sinner and saint, and only one,—simple, practical, available —but, sad to say, so little known or appreciated. Pil­ low the head on the bosom of Christ. Let us prove it, practice it and preach it. THE NATION’S NEED A three-fold cord is not easily broken, and there is a three fold cord which represents the essential need of our nation now if we are to be saved from the wreck which history has recorded concerning the decadent nations. Every day, in every way, the decline of our beloved Country from the standards set by our forefathers, is definitely recorded. Slowly, but surely, we are going down grade. In the beginning, the descent was grad­ ual, but now it is a regular toboggan slide. And, too, there is a hilarious indifference which compels the level-headed, liberty-loving, loyal Christian citizen to stand in wonder as to the ultimate result. Can the tide be stayed? If so, how and when? If we are entering the portals of the period so faithfully portrayed in the Scriptures, as “ the last days;’ ? there can be no final stemming of the tide, but we can do what we are commanded to do by the Word of God, and that which practical experience justifies. What is the three-fold basic need in our land ? First —Christian homes. When we speak of “ the home’ ’ .we are touching the mainspring, for if we are to have a Christian nation, we must start with a. Christian home, where the father and mother, with Bible in hand, seek by precept and example to “ bring up a child in the way it should g o ” so that “ when it is old it will not depart from it.” Thé first ten years of a child’s life largely determine its future character-and citizenship. The largest factor in the proper training of a child is a definite determination upon the parents’ part to use every possible means, in a loving, consistent, prayerful manner to inculcate the doctrines of the Gospel and win the child to a personal acceptance of Christ as Saviour and Lord. History proves that such children form the bone and sinew of the church. A mother’s loving admonition,

loving prayers and loving tears have often meant more to some of us than anything else. A home without a real Christian mother is nothing more than a boarding house, from which children are glad to graduate. The second factor is the church, and here we face the same problem that we do in the home. Respect for the church demands that it be a joyful, holy place— not a dancing hall, not a picture show academy, not a Young People’s Debating Society, not a Sunday “ merry-go-round” —but a place where there is loving, reverent, tender wooing and winning of the child to the Bible stories and the Bible storehouse of sweet, strong truths in such a way as to make the deepest possible impress upon the mind and heart. Pity the pastor and the’ people of a church where there is no conscious, deep need of “ putting first things first!” An atmosphere Can be and must be created which will, by the power of the Holy Spirit compel a love for Christ and for His 1 Word. Do not say that it cannot be done.. It has been done, it is being done, and where it is not being done, then take down the sign of “ Church” and put up the sign “ Amusement Center.” You Can attend the service and “ weakly’ ’ entertain­ ments of such a place with the assurance that nothing will be said to offend the most fastidious tastes. “ You can have a good time at every service! Bring your pocket book with you and make generous offerings, by which we may glorify ourselves!” The third element of importance is the. school. Our public schools in this country were rightly founded and, in the early days, functioned in a way to promote the best interests o f the nation. The Bible had its place,, Doctrines were not taught, but pupils were taught to reverence and honor it. The influence of the Bible inculcated loyalty to God and to the flag and greatly aided in producing good citizens. The Roman Catholic church, conscious of what it would mean to the children of their faith to have the Bible read in the schools (even though it was not expounded), confined the education of their children to their own parochial schools-—which they had a per­ fect right to do. Influences were afterward set in motion which eventually eliminated the Bible from our public schools,. but our Romanist friends have out­ witted us by retaining their own children, of early age, in their own schools, while the Protestant children have been denied the benefit of Bible reading in the public schools. Thus the third straud in the cord has been weak­ ened as an influence for good, and even children brought up in Christian homes have been weaned away' from their faith in' God and have been taught that the Bible is not God’s Word, but man’s word, and not trustworthy. What can be done? Every true Christian home must put emphasis upon the importance of the Bible as the foundation of Christian character. Then they must insist that their church shall be a Bible church, and-j-. where possible—both home and church must use their combined influence for a private Christian school where the Bible will have its proper place, and thus make the best possible provision for the education of their children. Then, too, they must be willing to sacrifice to this end. Roman Catholic parents pay the price tor their parochial schools. Are not our children of as much value to us as their children are to them? If we are to accomplish anything in stemming the tide and meeting the need of our nation, we must prayerfully consider this three-fold cord and act accordingly.

October 1924

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


HEADED FOR HADES Our cartoon this month is well' worthy of careful consideration. There is a depth of meaning in its mes­ sage. The present day popular education may he praised by the professors and oftentimes by the preach­ ers,—but when they eliminate faith in the Word of God they eliminate faith in the fear of God also, and produce the product of Lawlessness so rampant in our land today, and help to fill the ranks of the radicals whose lawless propaganda and work serve to send a shudder through our being as we contemplate the future of our be­ loved land. We are sowing in

Have you, indeed! You are treacherous teachers, supposed to instruct our sons and daughters in the ways of right thinking and righteous living, but there can be no real instruction without a constructive foun­ dation. You are audacious aviators, always in the air of speculation, saying to the people, “ Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as we are” but your gar­ ments are Satanic and your doings are devilish. Your wages are paid by the people while you rob their children of the true bread. Do you think when you throw the Bible overboard that you have ended

the controversy? You cannot see the rock ahead because of the big, blatant sail, but the rock is there, and there is something beyond the r o c k , deeper than the sea itself. It is perdi­ tion —t h e dwelling place of all false prophets and teach­ ers and devil-deceiv­ ed people. BISHOP BROWN BOWED OUT In the T r i n i t y Cathedral of Cleve­ land, Ohio, where Bishop W i l l i a m Montgomery Brown was christened, con firmed and partook of his first commun­ ion,—where he was ordained, where he was m a r r i e d and where he preached his first sermon.—he was tried and found guilty of heresy The trial opened with the 1 recitation of the A p o s t 1 eV Creed, and a Com­

the m o s t reckless manner the seduc­ tive seed o f sedition in the minds of our youth which c a n eventuate in but one kind of harvest. We may sail along for a season in reckless in­ difference as to the future. Our jails, penitentiaries a n d other penal institu­ tions are overflowing already with the vic­ tims of this vicious teaching, but the end is not yet. The history of na­ tions records t h e truth of God’s Word. Superficial ‘ ‘ scient­ ists” may mock at it. Sentimental teach­ ers may w r e a t h e their faces with su­ percilious smiles, but facts face t h e m which c a n n o t be ignored. We m u s t have some a u t h o r i t y higher than that of the high-brows who

laugh to scorn the eternal Word of God and who would substitute in its stead the plausible sophisms of the defunct philosophies of ancient ages, which wrecked the lives of their victims and left us the sad story of their failure. We should learn the lesson and fortify our hearts for the battle of life here, and prepare for an eternal home with Him who has left to us the only sure word of prophecy. Nations and people may “ play with fir e /’ but they will be burned. They may drift along on the sea of life; self-satisfied for a season, shutting their eves to the warnings given by God. The weather seems fair, the young folks are having a jolly time. ‘ ‘ Out with the old worn-out Bible” says the man at the helm. !;‘ Our fathers were fooled. We live in a new age. Our ancestors hung by the tail in the trees, but we have a new tale to tell. We have cut' t ie free" down and burned the wood.!.’

munion Service. One of his legal defenders was Joseph W. Sharts, of Dayton, Ohio, who defended- Eugene Debs for his unpatriotic speech at Canton, Ohio. The prosecution was based upon his own statements in his book, “ Communism and Christianity” in which, among other things, he is quoted as saying: “ I made an examination of everything under heaven: by means of which I could remain in the Church. I reached a Conclusion that the whole thing, our whole thought and belief about these things, would have to be reconstructed if we wanted to feel right about it. I wondered how-1 could remain in the Church and reject the existence of a personal God and of the whole system resting on two Adams. Then I did reaeh a conclusion. ■ ' 8 < q “ I then remembered that I had never preached about a miracle without making a parable out of it. Up to that time I had never noticed the—the—what Mr. Schroeder would call the psychology of it. Why


T H E K I N G ’ S


October 1924

the sadness! Oh, the sorrow! Oh, the suffering! Scattered, peeled, rejected,—long centuries have fol­ lowed but the curse is still upon them. Every Israelite has a voice that speaks to us of an angry God. Why do preachers and people make light of the wrath of God? In every nation of the globe there treads the feet of the witnesses of God’s curse. Shut your ears to the sentimentalists of the day who paint God as too good to punish for sin. Open your ears to hear God’s unchanging message, and open your eyes to see God’s plain path, and then walk in it. Build your house on the real foundation and worship with those comrades whose heart beats you feel as they pulse A report that came to the editor recently concerning the serious illness of Dr. W. B. Riley, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Minneapolis, and Executive Secretary of the Christian Fundamentals Association, filled our hearts with real grief. Dr. Rilev has for many years occupied a large place in the hearts of loyal lovers of the Lord. As a leader of the Fundamental forces in the church he has had no equal. His face has been set like a flint to do his best by lip and life to strengthen the foundations of the faith, and in his church and school he has been a mighty servant of the Lord. His illness is in the nature of a nervous breakdown, aggravated by a serious auto­ mobile accident during the W orld ’s Fundamental Con­ ference, held in Dr. Riley’s church, in June. Just as we are going to press, a cheering word comes to us that he has rallied, and the first words he uttered on returning to consciousness were these, “ I have seen His shining face.” We urge the members of The K ing’s Business family to pray earnestly for the full restoration of this man of God. in unison with the great heart of Christ. SORROW TURNED INTO JOY

cdn't I make a parable of heaven (there is none) and bring it to earth? Why can’t I make a parable of hell (there is none, but I suppose the orthodox don’t know it yet) and bring it to earth? That’s what I did. “ Then I became a Socialist and that brought me into a new world. Marx brought me into a new world, as Darwin had done. Finally I wrote that book. ’ ’ The decision of the court was that “ the accused is guilty of holding and teaching, publicly and advisedly, doctrines contrary to those held by the Protestant Epis­ copal Church of the U. S. A .” Such facts as were given to the public, and the decision of the court, are. satisfactory evidence that the Bishop, while going through the religious routine, never was a child of God, but only a nominal believer; that he was never a real Bible student, but only a reader of books. May the Lord deliver the Church from every one of the Bishop’s kind in all denominations. ^BUILDING WITHOUT THE BUILDER A young Scotch lad once stayed in a house where there was no prayer, and he remarked: “ There is no roo f on that house.” Is this not true of many a meeting-house? “ Except the Lord build the house they labor in vain that build it.” Erecting a building, and attaching a denominational or ecclesiastical name to it does not constitute a house of God. It takes something more than a priest and people; something fundamentally real and true as a basis. You must have a roof and you must have a founda­ tion, or you have only a play house such as children build. It can never be a house of God unless the ‘ ‘ God- Man” is honored there. There is no access, and never ean be, to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ save through His Son. “ No man cometh unto the Father but by me,” said Jesus. Attractive buildings and attractive preachers may attract the people, but there is nothing attractive to God there. When God builds a house He builds it with living stones. A tent is far more attractive to God if the risen, glorified, coming Christ is the center around which the people gather, than the most elaborate edi­ fice or cathedral ever erected. God loves fellowship with His people, through His Son, but He laughs to scorn idolatrous images of every kind. His great heart pulses with loving desire that all men should know that sweetest of all love stories, mani fested in the gift of His only begotten SorH-rthe story that brings life and immortality to light. How God loved Israel! He chose her, separated her, overshadowed her, led her, fed her, gave to her the land flowing with milk and honey. How tenderly He cared for her! How He plead with her to love and honor Him! But she would not. How the memory of the eloudy pillar was effaced, and the supply of heav­ enly manna forgotten! Step by step, away from Jehovah and down to hell she trod! Her eyes on the world, heart lusting for its pleasures, ears deaf to the tender, loving, pleading voice of Jehovah, revolting at an unseen God and going after the idols of the heathen! , Jehovah plead and entreated in vain. “ He will not always chide; neither will He keep His anger forever. ’ ’ Their ears were deaf to His ery. His curse came. Oh,

Oh, wondrous strange, but true, Our thoughts are living things; , ' Yet, stranger still, though true, Our words are thoughts with wings. —Amelia M. Starkweather.

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October 1924

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


A Direct, Definite, Deliberate Appeal to the King’s Business Family

Knowing that very many of you are deeply interested in present day conditions, both in the world and in the church, w;e do not hesitate to open our hearts to you and make a con­ fession : We are now issuing 40,000 K. B.’ s each month,— the largest monthly religious maga­ zine in the United States. We have published The King’ s Business for over fourteen years, and always at a financial loss, but have recog­ nized it as a means of blessing to thousands of Christian people, both old and young. When other magazines felt compelled to raise their subscription price, we kept The King’s Business at $1.00 until this year when we advanced it to $1.25, also enlarging the size in order to properly accommodate lesson helps for both the International and Funda­ mental series. From every country congratulations have come concerning our policy, the improved appearance of the magazine, and the neW departments which have been added. But now there are four things we want to d o : ( 1) Maintain the price at $1.25. (2 ) Use a better quality of paper, thus greatly improving the appearance of the magazine. (3 ) Increase the number of pages o f read­ ing matter, introducing a number of new features which will be of material help to every believer. (4 ) Beginning January 1, 1925, issue the S. S. Lesson helps (both International and Fundamental) as a SUPPLEMENT, (issued quarterly) o f the size shown on page 61 6. This supplement will POS­

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October 3924


" Thy Testimonies are M y Delight and M y Counsellors.” ^ Psalm 1 1 9 :2 4

Supplement (Not Sold Separately) The King’s Business Comprising

Sunday School Lessons for Jan.-Feb.-Mar. 1 9 2 5


ELEMENTARY By Mabel L. Merrill

Issued as a Supplement to and Included in the Subscription Price of The King's Business Published by The Bible Institute of Los Angeles 536-558 South_Hope Street - * > : ■ Los Angeles, California

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T H E K I N G ’ S


October 1924

Lawlessness Rev. A. V. Kimmell, Pastor First Brethren Church, Whittier, California, and President of the Southern California Premillennial Association The members of the Southern California Premillennial Association, who were privileged to hear this address by Mr. Kimmell, were so deeply impressed with its timeliness and the need of arousing-Christians,to the seriousness of the situation confronting us as a nation, that they urgently requested its publication. Wè are glad to pass it on to the King’s Business Family

asked to underline the word which he believes describes the statement. Here is the viewpoint presented by some children: “It is NOT w ron g to steal from one who has secured his wealth dishonestly.” _ . “It is more honorable to have charge o f an office than to work at a trade.” “ Stupidity is more sinful than deceit. “Unnecessarily failin g to meet an appointment on time is NOT immoral and unchristian/* H H H ■ ¡■ H HHH| “Cheating a railroad is NOT so much a sin as cheating a person.” ' ,. . . . . . . “It is not the duty o f the pupil to call attention to the fact that the teacher has giveii him too high marks.” ____ "It Is true that IF A STOREKEEPER GIVES YOU TOO MUCH MONEY IT IS ALL RIGHT TO KEEP IT, BECAUSE HE WOULD PROBABLY DO THE SAME IE YOU PAID HIM TOO MUCH ” Here is a test made to see how children would cheat in examinations, a test so severe that it would strain the moral fibre o f even senior college students: “The children are given double sheets of paper, the under sheet being secretly Coated with wax that shows any change or correction. A set of questions and answers is w ritten on the blackboard and a map hung over the answers. The teacher, in this test, leaves the room while the children are w riting down their answers to the questions. A fter a certain length o f time the map, apparently by accident, falls from the black ­ board and discloses the list of answers. The children, with no teacher In the room, have the opportunity to correct any errors they have made In their answers; they are given plenty o f time to yield to this temptation. In some of these tests 100 per cent of the children yielded.” Our reference to tbese tests does not indicate that we annrove of deliberate temptation, but they show the appal­ ling situation which confronts us. The number of murders and manslaughters is increasing so rapidly that figures gathered today have to be revised tomorrow, but in evangelistic travels in all parts of the United States, except the extreme south-east, I have found the story to be the same. Lawlessness Is on the Increase. Most people are trying to account for this on the ground of world-war conditions, thinking that when we get back to “ normalcy,” if we ever do, all will be well again. Don’t be an ostrich, stick your head in the sand and wait for the better days. The facts are that long before the last great war LAWLESSNESS was on the increase. The following report reaches back to the year 1890 and comes from a source highly authoritative: “A fter a year’s study of the crime situation the Committee of the American Bar Association fo r Law Enforcement declared in its 1922 report: FROM THE DATA AND OPINIONS OF EX ­ PERTS WHICH TOUR COMMITTEE HAS BEEN ABLE TO GATHER—PARTICULARLY SINCE 1890—THERE HAS BEEN AND CONTINUES A WIDENING, DEEPENING TIDE OF LAW ­ LESSNESS IN THIS COUNTRY.” Lawlessness is surely on the increase and one trembles to think of the day that is coming when all barriers will be removed and all restraint will be taken off and this flood of unrighteousness will sweep everything along. This will be declared to be the “ pessimistic view of a premillen- nialist,” but the wise men of the day, who are scoffing at the old time faith and the old fashioned church, and are clamoring for a “ new religion for this new day” had better take a square look at two passages of Scripture: (Continued on page 669)

IE are not dealing with a subject foreign to the Bible. It is true that the word “ lawless” is used but once and the word “lawlessness” does not appear at all, in the King James translation of the Scriptures, but there is a word frequently used which three hundred years ago meant “ lawlessness;” that, word is “ INIQUITY.” Eleven times in the New Testament where the word “ INIQUITY” is used it means “ lawlessness,” and once the word “Wicked” refers to “ the lawless one.’’ In order that we may have the subject clearly before us we will use three headings:— ¡(1) The Fact of Lawlessness, (2) The Cause of Lawlessness, (3) The Cure for Lawless­ ness. The Fact of Lawlessness . The Bible teaches the Fact of Lawlessness (Matt. 7 :23): “ And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me ye that work iniquity (lawlessness).” , It would be a waste of time to speak of the Fact of Law­ lessness were it not that the discussion of the other divi­ sions of the sermon demand it, for the knowledge of the conditions about us is yours as well as mine. They used to talk about a “ Crime Wave.’ ’ It is no longer a crime wave which sweeps through our cities and over our nations now and then, but' a regular deluge of crime engulfing every part of the world. This tidal wave, when statistically reported, tells an ugly tale. Crimes of every description have increased many hundred per cent in the last years. Juvenile delinquency has increased over two hundred per cent. Several months ago Sheriff Wm. I. Traeger of Los Angeles County, California, addressed a letter to the min­ isters of the county, two paragraphs of which I quote. "Do you know that the average age of the crim inal in Los Angeles County fifteen years ago was over forty-on e— and that today it is less than twenty-five? "What w ill it be in. another fifteen years?—We may only conjecture— but the trend of conditions is serious—unbeliev­ ably serious. Could you but see and know the things that to us are becom ing daily more commonplace your eyes would open wide with astonishment— almost unbelief— and it would make you think.” The Religion and Social Service pages of the Literary- Digest for March 15, 1924, show that this “ Tidal Wave“ has engulfed the youth of our country. We quote: “It is a pretty stirring indictment of our public-school system which W illiam G. Shepherd, journalist and author, presents in Good Housekeeping:. He tells us that the facts prove that there is no place in America to which a parent can send his chil­ dren— and keep them within the lim its of democracy—where they w ill receive instruction in religion* and morals. ‘Religion and morals, somehow, have dropped out along the road in our educational p rogress/ Tests show, we are told, that more than one-half o f our American school children w ill, under tempta­ tion, have an unethical outlook on life. They show more than this, that under temptation more than half o f them w ill cheat and lie and steal. These tests, we are told, were conducted scientifically. One o f them, known as the ‘True-False’ test, has been applied to thousands of children in the United States. A fter each statement given to a child to test its moral view ­ point are printed the words ‘True, F a lse/ and the child is


T H E K I N G ’ S


October 1924

Trie Lord Is Coming A Remarkable Sermon by the late Dr. H. Grattan Guinness (Reprinted from “ The Christian Herald” (London)

head motionless. Can you move them? No. Could all mankind move one of those clouds? No, they could not; more easily could they move rocks. Now, we read, Jesus comes with clouds. There is power: He mpves them. We have more than power in that thought— we have glory; He comes not only with literal clouds of light, but He comes with literal clouds of saints. Do you not remember that the apostle says, in his Epistle to the Hebrews, “ Therefore, seeing that we are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses” ? Now, these are the clouds that Jesus will come with. Do you remember, in the old prophets, reading these words, “Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as doves to their windows?” With such clouds will He come! Yea, He will come with the hosts of heaven, with patri­ archs, with prophets, apostles, martyrs, and all His saints in glory. Object of His Coining III. A word or two about the object of His coming. If you will take the trouble of referring with me to the eleventh chapter of Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, you will find it plainly revealed in the 25th to 29th verses: “ For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in. And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob: For this is My,covenant unto them, when I shall take away their sins. As concerning the Gospel, they are enemies for your sakes: but as touching the election, they are beloved for the fathers’ sakes. For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.” Is not that plain language? You must, then, be forced to believe that at the coming of the Lord Jesus, the Deliverer of Sion, the Jews will be turned from ungod­ liness and will be restored, and so all Israel shall be saved. Is it not so? Now, this is one object. Conversion of the World Another object is the conversion of the world. Satan—- that malignant, dark, hating, and hateful spirit, who has been ages and ages deceiving the world, and causing dark­ ness, sorrow, and death— Satan will be chained. We know Christ is to do it. He is now gathering in link after link of his chain. And Satan feels this, and Satan rages at the very utmost stretch of his chain, seeking whom he may seize, rend, tear, and devour. At that time God will' gather up the last link, bind Satan, shut him up in hell, and set a seal on the pit that shall not be broken for a thousand years. Then, of course, peace and holiness shall reign; then sin shall be banished; then the trumpet shall sound from every hill and valley; multitudes shall flock together, and the name of the Lord shall be glorified. Do you not remember how David says in the 72nd Psalm that all shall come and worship Jesus, and bow down in adoration; that the kings shall fall down before Him; that ships shall bring their presents from afar? Time of the Millennium So it shall be in the time of the millennium. Then the prophecies in the 35th of Isaiah shall be fulfilled. The wil­ derness shall rejoice, for rains from heaven shall be poured out upon it; it shall be covered with the red-blossoming (Continued on page 678)

T ext: “ Behold. I com e quickly.“ — Rev. 22:7. Have a solemn announcement to make. My text declares that the Lord Jesus Is coming. Yet, how careless men are about it! They get up in the morning, and never think that Jesus may come ere they lie down at night. They lie down to sleep, and never think that they may be awakened by the trump of the archangel in the morning. They go about their busi­ ness, and never think that the Lord Jesus may speedily interrupt them, and put an end to all their concerns in this world, and call them to judgment. My friends* how is this? What is the reason of it? The apostle Peter explains it in his Second Epistle. He says, “ In the last day scoffers shall come, and they will say, where is the promise of His coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things have continued just as they were down to this present time." Ah, let these scoffers bend them down over this word, “ Behold, I come quickly.” If you want to know where is the promise of His coming, there it is. Certain Things Must Happen I. Now, before the Lord Jesus Christ comes, certain things must happen, for you know there are the antecedents to His coming, as well as the consequences of His coming. What are the antecedents to the coming of the Lord Jesus? One thing is the scattering of the Jews. That has been ful­ filled. You remember the Lord Jesus prophesied that not one stone of the temple of Jerusalem should be left stand­ ing upon another. The disciples confounded Christ’s pro­ phecies about the destruction of Jerusalem with His prophe­ cies about His second coming. Time has enabled us to dis­ tinguish the difference between these things. According to history, Jerusalem was taken by the Romans, Its temple was destroyed, the very foundations were razed, three mil­ lions of the Jews were slain, and the remainder of the nation scattered. And they are scattered through every country in the world to this day. There are other things that have to be fulfilled before the coming of the Lord. For instance, the rise of the great beast Antichrist, the rise of that mighty power Popery— that seven-hilled and ten- horned city— the modern Babylon. Has not this arisen ? My friends, this part of the prediction has been fulfilled. There is one more thing that must be fulfilled—-that is, the preaching of the Gospel in every country. We say this is just accomplished. Thousands of missionaries, follow­ ing the example of Paul, have gone forth preaching Christ crucified, until there is not a land in which Christ’s cross has not been planted. The Gospel is being preached in every country as a witness. But we believe the world will not be converted fully until the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Manner of His Coming II. Let me say a word or two about the manner of His coming. “ Behold,” says Christ, “ I come as a thief.” How does a thief come? In the silence of the night. How does a thief come? Stealthily. How does a thief come? When least expected. How does a thief come? When you are unprepared to meet him. Thus, then, cometh Jesus. If you examine the first chapter of Revelation, you will find John says of Him, “ Behold, He cometh with clouds.” ' Now, what does that declare about the mode of His coming? Evidently it shows the grandeur of it. Oh, the grandeur of clouds! In a solemn and deep calm they lie above your

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