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June 2017

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11 YEARS How I Met the Love of My Life

My wife, Stefanie, often jokes that while I can remember every fishing spot I’ve ever been to, which tackle and bait I used there, and the size of each fish that I caught that day, I can’t recall what I did 10 minutes ago. It’s true, I’m a forgetful person, but I’ll never forget when I met my wife. Stefanie and I met in the early 2000s in downtown Fort Myers outside of the Beat Club on New Year’s Eve with a big group of mutual friends. She was friends with several of my friends, and we briefly hung out that night. At the time, she was going to school in Atlanta, but, luckily for me, was back in town visiting her family for winter break. She immediately caught my eye before we even spoke; I was attracted to her from the moment I met her. I was so attracted to her that I never asked her out. In my defense, it was New Year’s Eve, and I had more than a few drinks. Maybe a year later, completely without further contact, she was in town for the holidays, and I bumped into her at the Indigo Room (I’m realizing there are several bars in this story). “Stefanie!” I said, “How have you been?” I asked about chiropractor school and other things I remembered from our brief time together a year ago. She had made a powerful impression on me, and I was thrilled to see her again. Honestly, I

Our 10 year anniversary.

was clear that she couldn’t remember my name. Years later, she confirmed my suspicions that she could not remember my name. Once again, I blew it and did not ask her out. Again, probably the drinks. Another couple of years passed, and then I heard some welcome news from a friend of mine: Stefanie had moved back to Fort Myers. It was late March, and all of us were getting together at a bar (yes, another bar) for the final game of March Madness. I asked if she’d invite Stefanie along. Then, I showed up fashionably late and sort of pretended to be surprised to see her again — smooth, right? We started talking and joking around and this June 17 we will have been married for 11 years. Every once in a while, I’m stunned that this gorgeous woman, who’s equipped with a doctorate and is the greatest mother imaginable, ended up with somebody like me. But I’m grateful. On top of everything else she’s done for me, her levelheadedness is what got our family through the housing market crash of ’08, which, you might guess, was not a fun time for those in the mortgage business. Raising our children alongside her has been an eye-opening experience — I never imagined a person could show such tenderness and sternness at the same time. She pushes our kids to be the best people they can be. Certainly, she’s shaped me into a better man. I know without her, I would not be the man and dad I am today. I count myself among the lucky and blessed, and she is a huge part of it. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

thought about her often from that time we met. In my mind, she had done the same; but that was not the case. She responded with that thing people do where they pretend to remember you, warmly greeting me, but it

– Tim Hart NMLS #354676

Me and Stefanie dressed up as Dave Thomas and Wendy.

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