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ADDRESSING SOCIAL JUSTICE ISSUES THROUGH CULTURALLY SPECIFIC DANCE by ANNE HUANG AND KERRY LEE PRESERVING, BUILDING AND CONNECTING art form has played in their search for identity, belonging, and self-accep- tance as Chinese Americans in the black/white racial binary of the South. c ulturally specific dance is a lifeline for diverse cultural communities throughout the United States to stay connected to our cultural roots. This article explores the role of culturally specific dancers to address important social justice issues of our time and the capacity building support needed to maximize their impact on the communities they serve as well as the dance sector at-large. Kerry Lee, an American born Chinese, co-directs the Atlanta Chinese Dance Company with her immigrant mother. She has witnessed firsthand the power of culturally specific dance to transform lives – not only within her own community but also the broader American public with which they share their art. Atlanta Chinese Dance Company’s 2019 production Ribbon Dance of Empowerment: Chinese Dance through the Eyes of an American intertwined Chinese dance with personal storytelling by and about some of the nearly 100 dancers in the cast, celebrating the role the

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