We Could Not Imagine Woof for Vets Without You! This concludes our stay in the Year of Our Lord 2020. During the Covid 19, Preservation Purebred Pet Breeders astonishingly gave 44 puppies to our veterans. On the behalf of American Veterans and Woof for Vets, we extend our sincere appreciation to Preservation Purebred Pet Breeders who have so graciously donated gorgeous dogs and puppies to our veterans who need them the most – truly “the gift of life.” Thank you to our American veterans, Missouri Pet Breeders Association (MPBA), sponsors, community supporters, and donations for making it all possible. “Disagree with the war, but don’t disagree with a Veteran because he fought and did what he was asked to do.” ~ Vietnam Veteran Haste. Woof for Vets Honor Veterans at the Yakov Theatre In honor of our American Veterans, November 5 through November 11, Branson’s Veterans Homecoming Week is a special time for veterans and families from all branches of the US Armed Forces. A time to come together, to laugh, reminisce, heal and give Eternal Thanks for our great country and thank the men and women who wear or have worn the Military Uniform. On November 10th on stage at the Yakov Theatre, Dee Elledge hosted the events for the Walmart Tribute to the Veterans. Woof for Vets was back for a 2nd time to present an unrehearsed dog show which we never know what might happen on stage. Approximately at 8:40am, Woof for Vets own Sue, Pamela and April (German Shepherd Service Dog) and Beverly took center stage. Beverly sent out a warm thank you to the audience and introductions. We were honored to hear when someone in the audience said “this is my favorite part of the show”. Pamela and April demonstrated how to help a fallen veteran pull themselves up and to stand upright with the assistance of a dog. Pamela talked about how April is trained to find the car in the parking lot. She stressed the importance of this technique especially for those who have PTSD or loss of memory. Sue interviewed the veterans and presented each one with his new furry companion. What a big surprise for Frank when we placed a St. Bernard puppy in his lap. Sue stated “It always makes you feel good in your heart to

surprise someone.” Lots of emotion on stage with tears of joy, laughter, and hearty audience applause. Dee wrapped up the performance and talked about her Frenchie that she received last year from Debra, on the behalf of MPBA. She is so proud and happy to have her Frenchie with her for comfort, healing and to love on. We will see you in 2021. She’s Beautiful! Ruth and Frank, a disabled veteran traveled from Texas to Branson to celebrate veteran’s week and to meet and greet their new forever family member. When Mandy, preservation purebred breeder presented Frank with a gorgeous St. Bernard puppy, he was over the moon with joy and tears; “She’s beautiful!” Local television station Channel 10 interviewed Woof for Vets, Mandy and Frank. Frank stated “Oh my God, she’s beautiful!” When she is old enough, Sassie will be Frank’s service dog to help stabilize him as he tries to walk and get up and down. Frank said “She’s going to be big enough when I start falling backwards, she’ll be able to keep me from hitting the deck, you know, hitting the ground.” You see, Frank did not know that he was getting a St. Bernard puppy on Veterans Day. Ruth and Frank are forever grateful and a big thank you goes out to Mandy, preservation purebred pet breeder for the most beautiful St. Bernard puppy ever. Nicely Done, Mandy! Lebanon Christmas Party The Lebanon Mid-Missouri Responsible Breeders Chapter were privileged to witness the presentation of an adorable Brussel Griffon given byAnn, to a very surprised and speechless Viet Nam Veteran, known as Richard. The family reports that Richard is very thankful for his new companion, she goes where he goes, happily sits on his lap and provides comfort for her owner. Great Job Ann! Once a Perfect Soldier The military adopts a culture of toughness, which in many cases discourages military service members from seeking mental health assistance. A strong sense of self- sufficiency and the so-called ‘warrior mentality’ largely overshadow the idea of seeking help – especially mental


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