2020 is over, and as most would agree, let’s hope 2021 is better. I hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday days and stayed safe.

the Prez Sez

This new year may bring changes to our industry, just as 2020 did. We must come together and work as one, and have more volunteers to help in order to defend our way of business. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. With that said, we are working on the 2021 MPBA Educational Conference, so make plans now to attend! Be watching the website for information and updates. If you would like to help this year, message us at We had a great Conference last year and we are working to make this year even bigger and better. Get your memberships in before March to help make the sign-in work smooth and fast. Hope to see everyone, along with new members, in March! Kevin Beauchamp, MPBA President

Words cannot express what we have been through since March. We have seen a shortage

from your Publicity Director

of puppies, therefore prices are higher than we could have ever dreamed of. But brace yourself because internet sales and prices have taken a dive. Condolences to all that have lost loved ones!! I lost my baby sister. Let’s hope the vaccine eradicates COVID-19. We can’t look back or stew about what might have been. In 2020, MBPA was the only conference that occurred before COVID-19 struck. Now, we must work hard to have a successful conference in 2021. You notice I said “WE”, fellow breeders; these conferences do not magically appear. Please help us with your best efforts, as all the TV ads have monthly donations, and every little bit you can do will help. You can make a few phone calls, get a sponsor that has not participated before. We have a great list of speakers. Please help, because three people cannot do all the work. Think hard: “What can I do to help make our conference successful?”

Ann Quinn, MPBA Publicity Director

P.S. I know not all professional breeders have a USDA license, but I have included the potable water and vet plan. Look ahead... you will be informed and Missouri might be next.


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