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First impressions 1 unit overview listening and  discussion ‘ You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. ’ Anonymous

First impressions in presentations reading and  language It’s not what you know Adverbs business skills Networking Writing: formal and informal register case study Movers and shakers

listening and discussion First impressions in presentations

A Discuss these questions. 1  What reasons can you think of for giving a presentation to an audience? 2  What is the hardest part of giving a presentation? 3   How can you secure your audience’s attention at the start of a presentation? Think of three useful techniques. 4   Have you ever heard a speaker who you felt was truly inspirational? What techniques did they use to engage the audience? 5  What, for you, are the ingredients of a great presentation? 6   What impact do you think body language can have on a presenter’s success? Think of some examples of good and bad body language. B CD1.1 Anneliese Guérin-Letendre is an intercultural communications expert who works with Communicaid, a culture and communication-skills consultancy. Listen to the first part of the interview and answer these questions.

Anneliese Guérin-Letendre

1  What percentage of communication is said to be non-verbal? 2  How do audiences form a first impression of a presenter?

C CD1.2 Listen to the second part of the interview. What four aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication does Anneliese talk about?


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