Manual Edge: Exercise And Your Mental Health




The country’s challenge to the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone to some degree at this point. As of the printing of this newsletter, we are open for business as Physical Therapy is designated by the Department of Homeland Security as part of the “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During COVID-19 Response”. We know this is a scary time for all of us and some of you may be under a self imposed quarantine. We also know that stress and anxiety are running high, and our patients with pain and other medical conditions have seen their symptoms increase. Rest assured that we are following both the Centers for Disease Control guidelines, and our national Health Care Compliance experts, in keeping our clinic safe should you choose to get treatment. We are using enhanced disinfection protocols to sanitize everything you could come into contact with, and we provide care in private treatment rooms. In addition, we are not allowing patients to congregate in the waiting room. We are using masks as well. It is our opinion that we can provide you a safe environment for treatment.

In addition to treating patients at the clinic, all insurance companies are now paying for Tele- Health for Physical Therapy. That means if you do not want to come in for treatment, we can schedule a block of time with your therapist to instruct you on additional exercises, trouble shoot difficulties you may be having, and provide you further insight into your condition and how to manage it. To schedule a Tele-Health call with your PT, just call the clinic. We want all of you to come through this crisis in a good state of physical and emotional health. Manage your stress with exercise, meditation, prayer, and healthy dialogue. Get enough rest, eat well, limit alcohol consumption, and get the treatment you need, whatever that is. We will all get through this!

Tim Bonack


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