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RECOGNIZE YOUR CORE VALUES And Hold On to Them Through Hard Times

The other day, a colleague shared a clipping out of a school newsletter with me. I won’t go into details, but the basic theme was how, as a Montessori school, their foundation is all about teaching kids how to do the hard things. It made me think about what “doing the hard thing” actually means and how now, through everything the world is experiencing, the “hard things” in our lives are affected by the values we’ve each created for ourselves. My grandpa was a farmer, and the life advice he always gave me was to “do the hardest thing first.” Whatever you have ahead of you during the day, if you do the hardest thing on your list first, then the rest of your day would be easy. Without even knowing this philosophy was part of my foundation, I’ve always just done it. I do my hardest task on Monday instead of Friday, or at 9 a.m. instead of 5 p.m. It’s a personal value that has impacted the way I live my life, and it’s a value I’ve held on to throughout many hard moments. Hard things are what drive us as humans. We all have hurdles we have to face and figure out how to overcome them. Whether we realize it or not, the values

we’ve developed for ourselves dictate how we tackle the hardships we face in life. And when the hardships get truly hard, much like they are now, our instinct is often to just react without thinking. But before you make a decision, stop for a moment to reflect on how your values can make the outcome of your choices so much more meaningful. As Retirement Planning Strategies has had to shift to working remotely, it could have been very easy for us to forget our core values. We have them posted up on our wall in the reception area so that you see them as you walk through the door and we see them all day long. But not many people are walking through our doors these days. Those core values are:

we work from or what constraints we have, our entire team has made sure our values continue to shine through. Slowing down to remember our values and thinking about our actions before we take them allows us to keep doing what we’ve always strived to do: Help our clients first. So if you need us, then we’re still here for you. You can continue scheduling regular appointments, and now you can even tune in to our weekly webinars every Wednesday at noon, where we talk about different topics. During these stressful times, we want to create a service that’s reflective of each of our core values. So if at any time during a webinar you need more information, all you have to do is click a button to schedule a 15-minute call with us. No matter what changes come your way, try to hang on to the values that have made you who you are. Don’t let turbulent times strip you of them. Take a moment to think about what guides you and stick to them. That’s how we stay true to ourselves when the world is trying to force us to change. –Ann Vanderslice

Do the right thing. Make the complex simple. Give first. Provide great value.

Even though our team has had to pivot in response to the effects of this pandemic, I’m so proud to say that no matter where | 1

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