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including even some professed, Chris­ tians, are afraid of God’s will rather. than their own. —Sunday School Times.

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Judas' Best Friend M ark 14:32-34, 44-46

MEMORY VERSE: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friepds” (John 15:13). APPROACH: Some one has said that a friend is one who knows all about us and still loves us. Not many of our friends really know all about us.


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There are some lit­ tle secrets we keep to ourselves. B'u t there is One who __ d o e s k n o w a l l J H H about us and loves gJraa us still. Do y o u know who He. is? Jesus is the Great Friend. LESSON STORY:


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You remember from last week that the Lord Jesus gathered His followers about Him and had a supper. There was one guest present who was not really a friend to Jesus.. He had been with Him as the others were, and he knew much about Jesus, but he did not really love Him. He was there as a traitor. Do you know what a traitor is? It is one who will sell out his country or his friend to the enemy. Judas was looking for a chance to sell Jesus to His enemies, and he did just that. When Jesus went into the Garden of Gethsemane to pray, Judas led His enemies to Him. He even came 'up and kissed Jesus so they would know which man to take. It is a terrible thing to betray another and espe­ cially to do it with a kiss. But even though Judas did not love Jesus, Jesus loved him.' He had come into the world to die for his soul, but Judas would have to believe in Him to be saved. Jesus was Judas’ best friend, but Judas did not value that friend­ ship. The Lord Jesus came into the world to die for your soul, too. Do you value His friendship? Do you think any one might “sell Christ out” today? If we love money, or position, or family, more than Jesus, we are in danger of missing out on salvation. Can you sing: “Jesus Is all the world to me” ? OBJECT: A paper heart cut from a piece of paper 8% x 11 inches, or larger if visibility requires. (Fold the paper in, the middle, making the size 8% x 5 Yt inches. Fold the free ends outward and back to within 14 inch of the middle fold, making the size Object Lesson A Bic. "Y es "


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approximately 8% x 2% inches. With the fold and the two single edges to the right,' begin to cut the heart, cut­ ting from a point on the right hand fold 1 Ys inches from the top. When cutting down the left side where the heart extends the farthest, leave the folded left-hand edges uncut for Yt inch to provide hinges. Continue the cutting, making a point at the base of the fold as the lower tip of the heart. Open, and you will have a whole heart in the middle and two halves on the sides. With the flaps folded over the heart, write in the space between the flaps the word “YES,” printing downward. Open the flaps and using the letters in the word “YES,” write the following words: "My Eternal Salvation."

LESSON: “Yes” is often a very dif­ ficult word to say. It is easy to say when Father or Mother wants you to do something you like to do, but it is . hard to say when they ask you to mow the lawn or dry the dishes. It is well for us to remember that the Lord Jesus Christ said “Yes” to His Father even at a time when it meant the do­ ing qf something very difficult. He said, “Not my will, but thine, be done” (Lk. 22:42). Not only did He say “Yes” , to God in the Garden of Gethsemane, but also He had been saying it always. I hold in my hand a heart with the word “YES” written oh it. Have you ever wondered what thé Lord Jesus had in mind when He said “Yes” to His Father in the garden? Of course we will never know all that He meant, but we can be sure that He had in mind His death on the cross and the salvation of the world. On the cross He willingly died for the sins of the world. In opening this heart we find three words instead of one. We read, “MY ETERNAL SALVATION.” How glad we should be today that the Lord Jesus said “Yes” to His Father in the .garden, went to the cross, and pur­ chased eternal salvation for us!



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