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April, 1942

cently closed, and some fields all but closed, as Tibet. Furthermore, the Mohammedan world, with more fol­ lowers of the false prophet than there are members in all the Protestant churches throughout the world, is still little touched, and there are tribal peoples in China, Africa, The Nether­ lands East Indies, and Latin America that are still unreached. “If ye love me, ye will keep my commandments” (John 14:15, R. V.). MAY 31, 1942 NEW PHASES OF MISSIONS IN OUR COUNTRY J a m e s 2 :1 4 -2 6 By Mary R. Morrow Introduction Many people are ignorant today of the great variety of mission work that is being done in our country. Now that the doors to many foriegri fields are being closed, let us ask the Lord to illumine our minds to the many opportunities which are ours today in our own land. Weymouth translates James 2:17 thus: “So also Faith if it is unaccompanied by obedience is dead in itself.” Faith plus obedience equals service for our Lord. First comes sav­ ing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, for we cannot obey His command to

1. Churches left without mission­ ary help (1 Thess. 2:17 to 3:10). The Apostle Paul’s experience, in varying degree, has been suffered by many native churches and mission­ aries. Consider the evacuation of large numbers of missionaries from Korea, Japan, Manchuria, and s o m e of China’s northern provinces. It has not been possible, as with the Thessalon- ian church, to send back trusted help­ ers like Timothy and Silas. What de­ sire the missionary, Paul, manifests for this church! We should share in prayer the desire of missionaries for the churches they have left, that the native Christians and leaders may not only stand, but may also carry on for Christ. Ethiopia is a thrilling example of what God has done in answer to prayer—opening that land again to the gospel missionary. Pray for the workers of the Sudan Interior Mission and the United Presbyterian Church as they re-enter that field. 2. Sending agencies cut off from their work. In years past, Germany has made a real missionary contribution. Many German missionaries in various fields of the world have experienced increas­ ing difficulties with the rise of Naz­ ism. Missionary agencies of the Scan­ dinavian countries, since the outbreak of the war in Europe, have not been allowed to maintain their workers as heretofore. These are aspects of the situation urgently claiming our inter­ cessions. 3. How will the outcome of the pres­ ent war affect foreign missions? About seventy-seven per cent of the missionary body on the “foreign field,” according to 1938 statistics, came from Great Britain and the British Com­ monwealth, and from our own land. One needs only to point to this fact to show what a serious effect an Axis victory would have on world-wide mis­ sions. It is easy to see from this fact the effect the war is already having. The British, with the consent of their government, have continued to sup­ port “foreign missions” heroically. Are we made of the same stuff in the face of the growing burden of national de­ fense? What will the aftermath of the war bring in this regard? II. CHRIST’S I M P E L L I N G COM­ MANDS, IN SP I TE OF NEW ISSUES. 1. “Occupy till I come.” The parable of “the pounds” (Lk. 19:11-27) plainly teachesj that we are to carry on until our Lord comes. 2. The parable of the “great supper” (Lk. 14:15-24) has clear missionary teaching, too often forgotten. We are to take the message farther afield to the unreached. There are still closed doors, such as Afghanistan and Balu­ chistan—and Chinese Turkestan re­

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