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April, 1942



Christian nations, but that a mi­ nority in each country make up the true Christianity. I am sure that the growing strength of Christian­ ity in China contributed .to the present invasion of China by Japan, that in the Philippines and Thailand the strength of the Christian movement helped bring on the attack by Japan, and that the attack upon Christianity in India was brought on by the fact that Gandhi was not able to draw the Christians into a synthesis of - all religions.” Dr. Leber’s basis of reasoning seems logical. It is the same truth, applied to nations, that individual Christians long have recognized; that is, that the adversary of souls is most active when the most positive testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ is being given. Viewed thus, to the-.follower of Christ the Coriqueror, all adversity should really be encouraging! PREPARING TO WIN THE PEACE: • America is building a mighty fleet of bombing planes and battleships to out-match and out-fight the Nazi- Japanese war machine. But, looking beyond the war, the question needs to be asked: What are we doing to lay the groundwork for the spread and extension of the Christian cul­ ture of democracy, once the war-is over? Why are not our schools con­ centrating upon the objective of fa­ miliarizing the young generation with the Word of God? Why is not our educational system geared to the goal of preparing a new generation that will occupy for Christ and conquer in His name and for His cause? George Washington counseled, “ In times of peace, prepare for war.” It is equally true that in time of war, we ought to prepare for peace. The present generation is engaged in the task of conquering with bayonets. The task of the next generation should be to conquer with Bibles. Armies of young Americans are being prepared now to wage war against dictatorship in all parts of the world. Let us begin now to train the rising generation to assume the responsibility of going into all parts of the world to wield the Sw.ord of the Spirit. The battle between the pagan cul­ ture of Nazism and the Christian cul- [ Continued on Page 160]

' Biola’s Missionaries in Training When a young Christian really tastes the joy of soul-winning,, what is the result? He can never be fdlly sat­ isfied with anything less than a life dedicated to winning others to Christ. Soul-winning now, fruitfulness for Christ now—such is the standard the Bible Institute of Los Angeles holds before its students. As future mission­ aries — literally, as “sent ones”— whether on the foreign field or in so- called secular work at home, they. need to be reaching out to lost souls now, ~ Biola students, responding, learn that actual .evangelism—through per­ sonal soul-winning effort in conversa­ tions and literature distribution—is as essential as formal classroom instruc­ tion or even the leading of meetings. By way of examining the extent of this activity, the Practical Work De­ partment of the school tabulated the report of the school year of 1940-41 and compared it with figures for 1921- 22. In 1921-22, the year of the largest enrollment in Biola history, the total of 923 (Day School 525 and Evening School 398) was made the basis of the report. In the comparison below, only the Day School enrollment for 1940- 41, numbering 486, is taken into consideration; hence the work of only about half as many persons earlier report is recorded. as in the conversions 2,274 Part of the work recorded for both years was done in connection with the students’ regular practical work as­ signments. But the students also sought and found many other con­ tacts entirely apart from any activity expected of them as part of their school course. A large proportion of the tracts distributed last year were left in the form of brightly colored cellophane packages at doors, whole city blocks being covered systemat­ ically. Institute students were teaching classes in 149 different c h u r c h e s throughput Southern California last year, foreign settlements or racial groups .«ached by these Sunday and week-day Bible classes included the following: Armenian, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Jewish, Korean, Mexican, Negro, and Russian. Thus money given to the Institute serves the double purpose of supporting both student training and the present mis­ sionary activity of these young pepole. 1,602 Bibles, 1940-41 Day School Enrollment 486 ]$&l-22 Day and Evening School 92» Testaments and Gospel« distributed 6,550 4,401 Tracts distributed 225,912 153,424 Personal Interview» 19,652 26,401 Professed

In Hawaii, the Philippines, Thailand, India, and the French.Cameroons. Reported in the Watchman-Exam­ iner, this prominent mission leader voiced censure for boastful Americans when he said: r..“ It:; is my conviction that as Americans and as a church we have-nbt yet learned our lesson fr^m this war, We are-still sure of •our racial superiority and of our reliance upon our material­ ism. We must eradicate this idea of our superiority.” But he went on to point out rea­ sons for the conflict and benefits is- suihg from it which may be unreal­ ized by Christians in general: “ I am convinced, too, that this attack has been made upon us in some places because of the Strength of' our Christianity and not because of its weakness. We must admit that there are no BEYOND THE WAR: • Qerman school children are being trained to “manage” the post-war world. An accredited investigator for a Stockholm news agency reveals these amazing facts: “The schools of Germany have been ‘streamlined’ to prepare a young generation for its ‘high calling’ to colonize and control the entire earth . . . ‘‘Boys and girls, from the age of six upward, are being taught to speak the English and Spanish languages. The major purpose of their ‘education’ is to familiarize them with historical, geographi- . cal, economic, and social condi­ tions in North and South America. The Nazi chieftains confidently believe that the war will have been won before these s c h"o. o 1 Children reach m a t u r i t y . The theory is that, after the present generation of Germans have con­ quered thè world, the new gener­ ation of Germans will ‘civilize’ it according to the Nazi pattern . . . “The goal of the Nazi educa­ tional system is to prepare an army of propagandists who will carry the Nazi ‘culture’ to the ends of the earth, establishing its universal sway over the life and future of mankind.”


Significance of the News By DAN GILBERT Washington, D. C., and San Diego, California

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