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MEET SOME OF OUR PAST HEROES Assistance Dogs Transforming Lives


Clay Fambro USMC Veteran & MYER

Clay served in the US Marine Corps. and toured over- seas in Iraq shortly after the invasion. After seeing things that can’t be unseen, he struggles to deal with anything that involves lots of people. He looks strong and happy on the outside, but that just means the pres- sure and fires are building to a breaking point on the inside. With MYER’s support, Clay is able to manage his PTS and be the husband and father he wants to be for his beautiful family.

Michael Schwartz USMC Veteran & ROSEY

Michael served in the USMC. He was medically dis- charged after suffering a back injury during ODS. He also has significant hearing loss and tinnitus as a result of his time overseas. He struggles with the loss of one of his friends who committed suicide and for many years he has tried to hide his issues from the rest of the world. His anxiety, sleeplessness, irritability and guilt have since come to light and he is ready to deal with everything for the sake of his wife and daughter. Michael is diagnosed with PTS, Chronic Low Back Injury and Hearing Loss. Sweet ROSEY bumped with Michael in December 2016. ROSEY will help Michael by alerting to sounds, interrupting his behaviors, anchoring when he is anxious and retrieval of items when he cannot move due to his back injury.

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