Blue Diamond Almond Facts July-August 2022


Blue Diamond Briefings in Washington DC

Blue Diamond hosted congressional and administration briefings on July 18–21. While DC visits have often been done by Blue Diamond before, this was the first time group briefings were conducted, with sessions held for the Senate, House, and the administration. Dr. Dan Sonke, Jeff Smith, and Steve Schult were joined by Alicia Rockwell to give 10-minute presentations demonstrating the cooperative’s innovative approaches to sustainability, product development and global supply chain. Excellent feedback from attendees was provided which encourages Blue Diamond to produce more briefings for congressional staff in the future. Blue Diamond was accompanied by Almond Alliance CEO and President, Aubrey Bettencourt for separate meetings on the Hill and with leaders at USDA. The team focused the conversations on our industry’s accelerated progress in sustainable production and the creative supply chain solutions to support our high export needs. They enjoyed dinner with Congressman Jim Costa and his staff, dinner with Congressman John Garamendi and his staff, and met with many other members of Congress and their staff members for further discussions.

Blue Diamond enjoys dinner with Congressman Garamendi

Dr. Dan Sonke giving a briefing in the Cannon Building (House of Reps)

Jeff Smith briefs on Innovation

Steve Schult briefs on global supply chain solutions

Dr. Dan Sonke briefs on Sustainability



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