Protection Insight - Issue 3


Protection that supports long-term client relationships

Typically, the protection conversation starts alongside a key life event – such as getting married, buying a house or having a baby. But often that’s where the conversation ends. We’ve built flexibility into our policies which means the protection conversation isn’t just a one-off. We designed our proposition with the future in mind, determined that customers should have cover they can rely on for a lifetime. We started by looking at all the things that can happen in their lives and thought of the best way to protect them in any event. Our policies can help you create long-term relationships with your clients, supporting the value of your advice. Here are a few examples: •To us, all malignant skin cancers are critical. Cancer research reported 158,007 cases of malignant skin cancer in 2015 1 . Other providers would have paid out on only some of these cases. At Guardian, we want to keep things simple, so your clients know what they’re covered for without checking the small print. So, we pay out on all of them – no ifs, no buts. Which means you’re not faced with having the ‘you’re not covered’ conversation. •If your clients are expecting a baby, you can add Children’s Critical Illness Protection. No one wants to pay for something they don’t need. Statistically, people are waiting longer to have children, these days 47% of women don’t have children by the age of 30 2 . That’s why we don’t include children’s critical illness cover automatically. Your clients can add it to either Life Protection or Critical Illness Protection anytime, and can choose any amount between £10,000 and £100,000, to a maximum of their own amount of cover. For those who are planning children, some might want to add Children’s Critical Illness

9 months before the baby is due. This way a child will be covered from birth for certain conditions. •If a client can’t work, built-in waiver means premiums don’t become a burden. Trying to upsell protection can be difficult. However, our Premium Waiver comes as standard – at no extra cost. And we don’t just waive premiums if your clients are too ill to work; we also waive them for up to 6 months after they’ve had a baby, or if they’ve been made redundant. Giving you lots of reasons to ensure your clients remain protected throughout their life, no matter their circumstance. •Dual life keeps unclaimed cover in place if a partner gets critically ill. A typical joint life critical illness policy ends after a claim. Both partners then need to take out new policies with inevitably higher premiums – and the one who claimed may not even be able to get cover. However, with our dual life approach, unclaimed cover stays in place. And depending on the circumstances, the person who claimed may even be able to buy back some critical illness cover. Source: 1 Skin cancer statistics, Cancer Research, 2015 2 Childbearing for women born in different years, England and Wales: 2017, Office for National Statistics, November 2018

Jacqui Gillies Marketing Director

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