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Why I Love Fighting for My Clients

B efore the idea of becoming a lawyer had even popped into my mind, I was a fierce competitor on the field of my high school football team. Since I was little, I’ve lived for the thrill of competition — doing everything for my team in order to come out on top. Of course, as I learned when I began practicing law more than 10 years ago, the stakes in the courtroom are a lot higher than they are on the gridiron. Now, it’s not just a state championship trophy on the line, but the well- being of regular folks looking to succeed in their businesses and lives. I relish the opportunity to duke it out for the people I represent, using my considerable experience and ability to achieve the positive outcome I truly believe they deserve. Even before I went off to law school, I knew I wanted to be on the front lines of the law, bringing the battle to the courtroom. I didn’t want to fuss around with arcane motions or labyrinthine processes that judges and juries will never care about. In school, I learned the subtle distinction between attorneys that call themselves “litigators” and those that call themselves “trial attorneys.” The joke goes, as South Dakota Circuit Judge Cheryle Gering was quoted saying last year, “A litigator drinks wine and takes depositions. A trial lawyer drinks whiskey and tries cases.” I never wanted to be someone that couldn’t see the forest for the trees. I’d rather be in the trenches right alongside my client, getting things done. Luckily, when I first met David Gibson, after deciding I needed a change from my previous firm, I discovered he had the same philosophy. He may have gone to Cornell, but he’s one of the only Ivy League attorneys I’ve ever met with a pile of common sense to go along with his prestigious degree. For him and the entire rest of his team, it’s about getting results for the people we serve above all else. We’re

not a firm steeped in office politics and petty drama; we collaborate whenever possible to drive success, the interests of our clients constantly at the forefront of our minds. I’ve taken on my share of hard cases throughout my career, but no matter the circumstance, my focus is always first and foremost on the people I’m representing. As long as I believe in my client

and whatever obstacle they’ve been faced with, I check everything else at the door as soon as I enter the firm. I don’t care if they’re Republican, Democrat, gay, straight, black, white, brown, or anything else. If my clients come to me with a legitimate concern, they can depend on me to deploy the entirety of the resources and expertise at my disposal to do the best job I can. I may have been competitive on the football field back in the day, but that was only practice. The real competition comes when I’m in the courtroom, standing up for those who need it most.

–J.D. Milks



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