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Roof Cover Constructed using Dupont Tyvek for maximum durability and UV resistance.

Class C RVWindshield Cover

Deluxe Windshield Cover W/ Roll-Up Windows

Water resistant yet breathable it helps prolong the life of roof substrate and helps eliminate black streaks. Accommodates any common accessories mounted on the roof (Satellite, horns, A/C, etc.). Measure only the length of the RV's Roof to determine size needed (From the very back to the beginning of any slope on the front of the RV). 101123 36042 RV Roof Cover, 30'1" to 36' $257.45 101124 36049 RV Roof Cover, 36'1" to 40' $279.40 • Dupont Tyvek ® RV material maximizes durability and UV resistance • Helps eliminate black streaks and protects roof from environmental da age • Attaches using ADCO’s patent-pending wheel a chor syst m that pr vents straps from contacting RV sidewalls • Water resistant yet breathable • Weighs a fraction of what full size RV covers weigh, making installation easy • Designed to accommodate roof-top accessories (A/C, satellite dish, etc.) WINDSHIELD COVERS

Straps never touch RV sidewalls

Wheel anchors keep cover in place

Strap and buckle system pulls cover tight

Extra heavy-duty automotive quality white vinyl will match most RV paint schemes and protect your dashboard from fading and cracking due to sun exposure. Provides privacy and keeps temperatures cooler inside the vehicle. Sewn-in door pockets and extra strength magnets hold cover securely in place. Included storage bag. No installation required. 101177 2509 '01-'11 Chevy/Mirror Cut See-Through Windshield Cover $76.59 101178 2510 '04-'11 GMC Kodiak/ Chevy Endura See-Through Windshield Cover $76.59 101175 2507 Deluxe Windshield Cover White Ford 350 450 $76.59 PART # MFG # FITS S/O 36030 18’ - 24’ S/O 36036 24’1” - 30’ 101123 36042 30’1” - 36’ 101124 36049 36’1” - 40’ PART # MFG # FITS S/O 2503 Chevy ‘72-‘96 S/O 2501 Ford ‘73-‘91 S/O 2505 Ford ‘92-‘05 101178 2510 Chevy ‘04-‘17 Endura/Kodiak


Gain Privacy and sun protection for your Pick-up Truck, SUV or Class C Motorhome. Extra heavy-duty vinyl snooze bonnet covers windshield and side windows. Magnetic fasteners for easy on/off with anti-theft tabs. No snaps, no screws, no drilling. Includes storage pouch. 101171 2405 1992-2005 Ford Class C Windshield Cover $48.84 101172 2407 1996-2010 Ford Class C Windshield Cover W/ Mirror Cut-Out $48.84 101173 2409 2001-2008 Chevy Class C Windshield Cover W/ Mirror Cut-Out $48.84 101174 2410 2004-2010 Chevy $48.84 Measure the length of your roof, NOT the length of your RV



DELUXE SEE-THRU CLASS C/CLASS B INDSHIELD COVER • Easy to use! No snaps, no screws, no drilling • Privacy during camping, protection during storage • Extra heavy duty automotive quality vinyl • Keeps temperature cooler in id your hicle • Sewn in door pockets & extra strength magnets hold cover securely in place


Class AWindshield Cover

101177 2509* Chevy ‘01-‘17 $76.59


Ford E350, E450 ‘96-’17

101775 2507*


Endura/Kodiak Windshield Cover W/ Mirror Cut-Out

S/O 2522 Sprinter ‘02-‘06

S/O 2523 Sprinter ‘07-‘17

Block the sun from penetrating your Class A windshield. One size fit's almost every Class A windshield with no drilling necessary. This is a must-have product for anyone who camps in the sun. While drapes and folding windshield reflectors prevent light from entering the windshield, this product stops the heat, eliminating the greenhouse effect. Plus, it prevents dashboards and curtains from fading in the sunlight. A cheaper, easier alternative to custom-fit windshield covers that will not leave your coach full of drilled holes. 101381 2600 Class AWindshield Cover $89.99 PART # MFG # FITS S/O 2403 Chevy ‘72-‘96 S/O 2408 Chevy ‘97-‘00 S/O 2402 Do ge ‘73-‘97 S/O 2401 Ford ‘73-‘91 101171 2405 Ford ‘92-‘95

S e-thru No drilling Heavy duty Magnets Privacy

Roll-down panels allow panoramic v ew

*With special cut-out to accomodate


Tyvek ® Class AWindshield Cover

Standard Clas C/Class B Windshield Cover



• Prevents interior from damage & fading • One size fits almost all Class A windshields with no drilling necessary • Quick-connect buckles attach at 3 contact points, 2 mirrors and any accessory on the RV roof:

101173 2409* Chevy ‘01


• Extra heavy-duty automotive white vinyl matches most RV paint schemes • Protects your dashboard from fading and cracking due to sun exposure • Sewn-in door pockets & extra strength magnets hold cover securely in place

Chevy ‘04-‘16 Endura/Kodiak

101174 2410


101172 2407* Ford ‘96-‘16


S/O 2411* Dodge ‘98-‘03

S/O 2422 Sprinter ‘02-‘06

S/O 2423 Sprinter ‘07-‘16

*With special cut-out to accommodate mirrors




101381 2600 Class A Windshield Cover $89.99

No drilling Storage bag Magnets Privacy



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