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December 2018

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Finding the Best A TeamWho Gets the Job Done


arly in my career, everything I did at the firm was about the price tag. I wanted to make a lot of money. That meant when it came to hiring, I looked

is completely different. By hiring the best people, I have a staff full of individuals who are, in some respects, better than I am. Any leader who claims to have all the answers is lying. The best teams are created when a leader finds people who know more than him and share his philosophy and goals. I’m proud to say that you’ll find those aspects at our firm.

for people who would work for less because that would save me money. But, as I discussed last month, my entire philosophy changed with the birth of my son. Today, my goal is to help as many people as possible, and to do that, I need the best staff possible. I’ve fought to hire several people we have at the firm today. I knew they were good, and I knew their ideologies would harmonize with my own philosophy. One of the attorneys at the firm, Laurie Hannan Anton, used to work in Nashville for recording artists. She was appointed a Certified Circuit Court Mediator and worked at a big law firm, Henderson Franklin, before coming here. Another attorney we were lucky to get is Jeffrey D. Best. He ran his own practices in Illinois and Indiana before moving to Naples with his wife. And I can’t forget James Moran, an attorney with so much experience; he seems to have seen it all before. It’s not just the attorneys who I hold to such a high standard. Our office manager, Ilen Estrada, has decades of experience from her successful real estate career, and she knows how to build strong relationships that serve her clientele. Meanwhile, Gerta S. Toska, an integral part of our personal injury department, has an extensive background in civil litigation. She also happens to be fluent in Albanian, English, Spanish, Italian, and Greek. I’ve found that by hiring the best staff, I am able to help more people. In the past, I felt like if I wanted to get something done right, I needed to do it myself. I had to do everything at the firm. This ran me ragged and limited my time for new clients. Today, the firm

“Today, my goal is to help as many people as possible, and to do that, I need the best staff possible.”

Today, we run a bigger, better operation. Thanks to our reputation of willingness to going all the way for our clients, insurance adjusters will often offer our clients a fair settlement. Going to court every time isn’t always what’s best for a client who’s going through a painful situation. However, if the insurance adjuster doesn’t offer a fair settlement, they know we’re not afraid to go to court and fight for our clients. Making the right call for our clients is a priority shared by every person at the firm. Instead of being a one-man show, I’m the quarterback of the team. I know what’s going on with every case we have, but I trust that my staff can execute the plays and take care of our clients. I am truly thankful for my staff and all the clients who have helped me practice law in this community for almost 27 years. I would not be here today without your support. Thank you.

-Marc Shapiro

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