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Take the Podium Speakers Circle Take the Podium is designed to empower Your Crescendo clients who aspire to deliver the message of their purpose and its discovery through keynote speaking.

We invite you to consider becoming a part of our Take The Podium experience for the 2017 On Purpose Conference .

Take the Podium is designed to develop and launch speakers that are in pursuit of their purpose. It specifically advances the aspirations of Your Crescendo clients who have speaking as a professional goal by igniting their speaker brand. The program will progress through a number of modules designed to take participants from purpose to a speaker experience and through launching their speaking business offering. It will culminate with a speech delivered at the Your Crescendo Purpose Conference on January 20 in Atlanta. The event is designed to be a series of inspiring talks, panels and workshops to share experiences of professionals in pursuit of purpose and encourage others to do so in 2017.

Dez Thornton Program Speaker Coach

Dez Thornton, speaker coach, will lead facilitation of modules, content and experts through a series of learning objectives. The modules will be supported by materials from a variety of speaker programs made available to participants.

2017 On Purpose Conference Ventana’s (Atlanta) January 20, 2016

Take the Podium


The program is designed to support the speaker business for busy professionals and create a safe-learning environment to get it started. As a part of the program, we will provide the following for participants:





So You Want to be a Speaker

Dec 15


Paula Hamilton

Chelsey Derks


Developing Your Message from Your Purpose

Dez Thornton, Speech Coach

Dec 21

Keynote Structure Framework

Effective Speaker Mechanics

Paula Hamilton Speech Coach

Jan 5

National Speakers Association Speakers Showcase (optional)

Video to include as your demonstration from the conference

Jan. 14

Jan 13 and/or Jan 19

Dry Run

publ Before video to assess delivery style

2017 On Purpose Conference

Jan 20


Review and Feedback

Feb 1

Dez Thornton

Speakers’ Bio

Developing Your Speaker Branding Strategy

Feb 15

Chelsey Derks

Speaker Landing Page

Speaker Business Kickoff


Launch business development – kickoff publicity support to position you as a speaker based on prospecting strategy

Take the Podium


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