The P.E.O. Record September-October 2022 (public)


Bind by Susan Harber, P.E.O. International Membership Committee


she has no room for another monthly activity? Have you decided for her that the organization or sisters in your chapter are not a good fit for her? Rather, it’s in our mutual interest to introduce her to P.E.O. and invite her to learn more about the Sisterhood. We may just be the supportive community that her busy life needs. The pandemic led us to a sedentary social lifestyle and now is the time to reconnect, renew and refresh our sisterly networks to revitalize our chapter health. Sometimes a prospective sister will find you. Do you talk about P.E.O. on social media or with non-members? A friend in another state contacted me on Facebook to let me know of a woman moving to my area who was interested in learning about local organizations in which to become involved. I introduced her to P.E.O. and offered to share her name with other D.C. chapters. Another, whose mother is a Kansas P.E.O., contacted me wanting information on D.C. chapters. My chapter had a social dinner planned for that week, she was invited to meet us and now she’s been extended an invitation to join our chapter. THIS MONTH, CHALLENGE YOURSELF AND YOUR SISTERS TO EACH GO FIND ONE OTHER WOMAN WITH WHOM YOU CAN SHARE OUR SISTERHOOD. The Introduction of a Woman not a P.E.O. form is a wonderful way to create small world connections. This form is shared with chapters in the area where she lives. If your chapter is the recipient of the form, please honor the recommendation of a fellow sister and extend a warm welcome to this new friend. Think of the positive difference in others’ lives, including your own, if each of us made one new P.E.O. connection. This month, challenge yourself and your sisters to each go find one other woman with whom you can share our Sisterhood. One person told you about P.E.O. and shared the gift of Sisterhood. When you invite a friend or an acquaintance to join P.E.O., that one person can make an incredible difference in others’ lives as well as our own. This gift of P.E.O., whether it is the community of fellowship and connection we enjoy, or the investment we make in another’s education and future, is not ours to keep to ourselves, but to share.

I LOVE A GOOD SMALL WORLD STORY. You know the “six degrees of separation” kind, like when you’re sitting on a plane, a stranger sitting beside you,

and you engage in small talk only to discover that you have a friend in common—a P.E.O. sister from your own chapter! This recently happened to me. Suddenly the world shrinks and a new connection is made. That’s one of the benefits of organizational memberships—extending and expanding your community circle of friends and associations. Often, these connections benefit our work, but they can also benefit our membership in P.E.O. Do you ever look at a woman wearing daisies and wonder if she is a P.E.O.? Imagine that conversation and giving a quick P.E.O. elevator speech if she’s not. How might you and she benefit through extending an invitation to join our Sisterhood? Perhaps you know a woman who believes in the education of women or has mentioned looking for organizations where she can connect with other women. Humans crave social connections. Why have you not invited her to become a P.E.O.? Do you think she is too busy or has she led you to believe that


THE P.E.O. RECORD | September–October 2022

Women helping women reach for the stars

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