The P.E.O. Record September-October 2022 (public)

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Amanda Meehan AG, Toledo, Ohio, wrote “A Signal for Redemption”

Jill Jones Tourian FG, Weatherford, Oklahoma, wrote “Dr. Joe Anna Hibler: One of the Fellows”

Jan Moyer AZ, Rio Verde, Arizona, wrote “The Art of Landscape Lighting, A Designers Companion”

Candis Kent Stephens AC, Gainesville, Georgia, wrote “SHEIN: An Irish Prince”

Joy (Kieffer) Dice FM, Buffalo, Minnesota, wrote “Faith Alone a Mother and Son’s Story of Hope and Love”

Constance S. Uthoff L, Laurel, Maryland, wrote “Cyber Intelligence: Actors, Policies, Practices”

Miriam Shamer Daly FD, Chelsea, Michigan, wrote “Doctor Miriam: Memoir of a Small-Town Physician”

Rebecca Newby GN, Stillwater, Oklahoma, wrote “Miss Margaret A Southern Lady”

Jennifer Wilson L, Minneapolis, Minnesota, wrote “Someday We’ll Find It”

Katie Arnett JX, Louisburg, Kansas, wrote “Leaving Safe”

Nancy Oelklaus DO, Sedona, Arizona, wrote “Simple Serenity: Finding Joy in Your Life”

Marjorie Wright Hawkins EQ, St. Cloud, Minnesota, wrote “Father, May I…”

Kim Sorensen Lowe IX, Kearney, Nebraska, wrote “Gifts & Secrets: Life and Love Lessons from a Real Mom”

Joanie Ciardelli PY, Mill Valley, California, co-wrote “A Tale of Two Star Sisters and Pathways To Peace”

Cynthia Nelson Mosca EE, Bloomington, Indiana, wrote “Letters from a Wondrous Empire”

Ruth Ann McDonald FL, Loveland, Colorado, wrote “The Holistic Voice”


THE P.E.O. RECORD | September–October 2022

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