The P.E.O. Record September-October 2022 (public)

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Chapter CJ Bozeman, Montana ORGANIZED: April 9, 2022

From the left: Sharon Smith, Pat Ingraham, Sharon Erickson, Niki Keuch, Pam Bredberg, Judy Strohmeyer (via Zoom) , Jackie Vick, Kay Campeau, Beth Wallace, Katie Lane, Judy Albrecht, Dar Ellingson, Shirley Rust, Carla Dingman, Sue Zimmerman

Chapter BV Griffin, Georgia ORGANIZED: May 13, 2022

First row, from the left: Joann Fanneron, Barbara Forbes, Bonnie Koether, Susan Sandberg, Bunny Fulton, Phyllis Choops, Karen Kuss Second row: Joanne Douté-Cooper, Amy Manno, Pat Nolen, Nancy Fierbaugh, Carol Adome, Janet Jenkins, Kelley Sherry, Alexis Q. Smith

Chapter CK Helena, Montana ORGANIZED: May 3, 2022

From the left: Melinda Schell, Carol Schweitzer, Coleen Smith Jacquie Haney, Missy Kosena, Annette Luckett, Lorna Dunlap, Jenny Gehl, Marilyn Hudson, Vikki Bohlman, Jeffie Fugmnan, Kylie Parker, Judy Rolfe On Zoom: Billi Steber, Lindsey Weaver, Joanne Eide, Norlynn Nelson

Chapter JR Bothell, Washington ORGANIZED: June 16, 2022 From the left: Michon Fontenelle, Elisabeth Spring, Kerrie Cabral, Traci Svee, Rachel Pinson, Washington State Vice President Rose Fowler, Marelle Moehrle, Sheree McLaughlin, Patricia Obert, Bonnie Meyer, Natashia Nicolay, Sheila Arnold-Robinson, Cathy Brennan, Lilibeth Hale, Kathy Moore, Erin Lewis, Grayce Malone, Samantha Oylear


September–October 2022 | THE P.E.O. RECORD


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