The P.E.O. Record September-October 2022 (public)

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Connecting Members Who Move to P.E.O. Chapters

Listen to The P.E.O. Record on your Smartphone or Computer

If you move, be sure to update your new contact information through the Member Update form

Chapter DO, Kansas City, Missouri, has recorded an abridged audio version of The P.E.O. Record for visually-impaired sisters as a digital (MP3) file. Located on The P.E.O. Record page of the member website, , MP3 files are available for any sister to stream or download!

online. The form allows you to make changes to your own information, or, your corresponding secretary can submit this change. Any P.E.O. member can help a sister who has relocated connect to another chapter in her area with the Notice of a Member in Your Area online form. It is found on the P.E.O. International member website, Resource Library, Local Chapter Officers, Corresponding Secretary page. Simply provide the member’s contact information, preferred meeting time and share a little about her. Click submit and then the chapter presidents within a 30-mile radius of her address will receive an email with her form. Ensure that your fellow P.E.O. member knows that chapters in her area may be reaching out to invite her to visit. If you are a chapter president and receive notice of a P.E.O. in your area, contact that sister and schedule a time to become acquainted. Help strengthen our Sisterhood by getting to know this member and seeing if she would be a good addition to your chapter.

Payments for Chapter Fundraisers P.E.O. chapters are classified as nonprofit entities, but are not considered charitable by the IRS. All

donations to and payments for a chapter fundraiser must be issued directly to the chapter and are not eligible for a charitable deduction. Chapter members are not to make checks payable to any P.E.O. project or P.E.O. Foundation in connection with a fundraiser involving the exchange of goods or services. Individual charitable donations may be made payable to one of the International Chapter projects or to P.E.O. Foundation and sent directly to the Executive Office or Cottey College. In order to receive proper tax documentation for a charitable deduction, a donor may not receive any goods or services in exchange for a contribution.

Preparing for Electronic Annual Reports All presidents, treasurers and corresponding secretaries will need a valid email for the electronic annual report this next year. These

Local Chapter Use of Credit/Debit Cards Debit cards may be issued and held using the name or tax ID number of a local chapter. All

local chapter officers will want to review and update their email address using the Member Update online form. Officers that do not have an email address should contact the membership department at 515-255-3153 to discuss communication options for the electronic annual report. Local chapters should make sure to submit the Report of Election of Officers, if not already done. Anticipate more information closer to the time of annual reports, as well as training in February 2023.

disbursements of a local chapter continue to require approval by chapter vote prior to payment. The treasurer shall pay all bills of the chapter by check or debit card. Credit cards may not be held by local chapters.

Local Chapter Payment Collection by Credit/Debit Cards

Local chapters may choose to receive funds by debit/credit card reader (Square, Roampay, etc.) and/or Peer-to-Peer mobile app services (Venmo,

Resources Offered in Braille The P.E.O. Supply Department offers the following resources in Braille for members: Procedure for P.E.O. Chapter Meeting, Procedure for Special

Zelle, etc.) to accept payments for dues, fundraisers and non-tax deductible donations to chapters. All services must be linked directly to the chapter’s bank account.

P.E.O. Chapter Meeting, Appendix of Supplementary Materials, Ceremony of Installation, Ceremony of Initiation, Chaplain’s Prayer Card (for local chapter and P.E.O. Group meetings), Opening Ode and Objects and Aims. Please call the P.E.O. Supply Department for more information at 515-255-3153.

Supporting Cottey College Students Your Cottey College Chair will have wonderful ideas on how to support your Cottey students.

Each state/province/district (s/p/d) chapter coordinates the Support-A-Student and Support-A-Suite programs. Most Cottey Chairs are listed on s/p/d websites. Contact your Cottey Chair to find out more about these programs!


September–October 2022 | THE P.E.O. RECORD


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