The P.E.O. Record September-October 2022 (public)

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ANNOUNCING THE Special Committee for P.E.O. Inclusion and Belonging by the Executive Board of International Chapter

As an important component of loving concern, and one to which we are called by our Objects and Aims, P.E.O. will continue working for membership inclusion for women who acknowledge a belief in God, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, national origin, sexual orientation, age and abilities. It is essential that current and future sisters feel they have a place in our Sisterhood. To foster an inclusive culture, we must continue to be thoughtful and respectful of our current sisters, while welcoming new members to P.E.O. in ways that allow them to truly belong. This is not about telling members what to think, or asking anyone to change their belief system. Local chapters have always, and will continue to, select their own membership. With those guiding principles in mind, P.E.O. adopted the following commitment at the beginning of the biennium: P.E.O. SISTERHOOD COMMITMENT TO INCLUSION AND BELONGING

The P.E.O. Sisterhood is a nonprofit volunteer women’s organization grounded in our loving concern for each other and our mission of supporting women to pursue their educational goals. Joined by a shared commitment to these two foundational tenets, P.E.O. strives to offer a sense of belonging to current and future members by embracing each person’s unique talents, background and perspective. This is aligned with our virtues of faith, love, purity, justice and truth and follows the principles of our Objects and Aims. Honoring our long and proud history while looking to the future, it is crucial for members to contribute to actions that will sustain P.E.O. while maintaining our fundamental values. We strive to achieve inclusion and a sense of belonging for all women 18 years of age or older who acknowledge a belief in God, regardless of their religious affiliation, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, abilities and socio-economic status. By sharing P.E.O. with a broad group of women, our chapters benefit from perspectives and talents that make us stronger and will sustain our Sisterhood into the future.

It is an honor to announce the appointment of a Special Committee for P.E.O. Inclusion and Belonging. We appreciate the following members who have agreed to serve: – Chair Julie Wilson, past member of the Cottey College Board of Trustees; past chair of the Ad Hoc Committee for the P.E.O. Leadership Development Initiative; Chapter AL, Portland, Oregon –  Janet Steury, past chair of the P.E.O. STAR Scholarship Board of Trustees; past president of Missouri State Chapter; Chapter FL, St. Joseph, Missouri –  Mahin Tavakoli, past member of the Special Committee on the Culture of Inclusiveness in P.E.O.; Chapter O, Ottawa, Ontario-Quebec –  Kristi Harlan, past president of Minnesota State Chapter, Chapter FP, Bloomington, Minnesota –  Pauline Carter, past president of North Carolina State Chapter, Chapter BR, Charlotte, North Carolina


THE P.E.O. RECORD | September–October 2022

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